HSBC / replacement card issue / dispute card this morning and ask for replacement

today (2/08/2018) when I woke up about 6pm, I notice I received message in my phone about OTP transaction that I not done. I call HSBC customer services and they decided to block my card and they told me they will replace to a new card. I would ask them to send my replacement credit card to Bukit Bintang brch becouse I can collect from there but customer services told me they only can send my credit card by normal mail.
After I finish my work today around 12 noon I decided went to HSBC Bukit Bintang Brch to ask them to send my card to their brch as early by tomrw afternoon around 12pm because I am flying to Jakarta tomorow noon after 3pm and need to use my card.
I upset about HSBC because after so long support HSBC about more than 12 years, they coudn't replace my card early. now I decided to redeem all my points and wanted to closed my account with HSBC after I get all my items redemption. thank you HSBC to treat your loyal client like this.

Aug 02, 2018

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