HSBC Discover Card / long credit authorization periods

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I've noticed in the past few years with HSBC Discover, they have made some policy changes to reduce your available credit without actually reducing your available credit. Case in point, when I make a purchase, say airline tickets for $600 on April 1st. The airline company authorizes $600 on my credit card. A few days later (April 3rd), the $600 purchase "post" to by account and my credit balance shows $600. With a $5000 credit line and no other charges or authorizations on my account, any normal person would expect $600 balance with $4400 available credit. This is not the case with HSBC Discover and HSBC Amex. My balance shows $600 and the Available credit shows $3800. Even though the airline has authorized the $600 and have collected the funds (ie.. "posted to my balance"), the authorization remains. I've gotten into numerous arguements with HSBC representatives that this policy makes it look like I've been double charge. They always say the same thing, "you have to contact the merchant to have the authorization removed" or "the authorization will remain for up to 14 days and then drop off". Why is just with HSBC. My other credit cards, regular DISCOVER Financial, Chase Visa, etc... don't have this policy. I've made the same purchases from the same airline using different credit cards and HSBC is the only one that holds the authorization even though the charge has posted to the account. I would close my account with them if wouldn't hurt my credit score. HSBC absolutely sucks.

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  • Na
      7th of Apr, 2010

    about a month ago, I purchased asymantec virus protection for my computer for $79.99.
    I did not obtain a recipt for that purchase. Now I still see symantec trying to push me
    to buy another virus protection. My question is is Symantec protecting my computer for the $79.99
    I paid? I have not seen any indication. I want to hear from Symantec nOw.

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  • Ha
      8th of Apr, 2010

    This doesn't sound like a policy...more that the airline has authorised the transaction twice and only collected one of them?

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