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HSBC / no response & no information, ignoring any calls

1 United Arab Emirates

K/Attn: Mr. Adil Rizvi. HSBC UAE

I understand you are Division Incharge of HSBC Credit Cards in Sharjah. Also That Mr. Zaid & Mr. Rawad/Raed are in your Team of Credit cards.

I opened My account thru Mr. Ziad. After the Signatures were taken the whole dissappearance & ignoring act started.

I have been facing basic feedback or response difficulties from both of them regarding My account & Creditr cards such as:
• I have been chasing them for my account number for days together
• My billing cycle, Due date info
• Transfers
• Some Cards not received
• Some Pin codes received but corresponding cards not received
• Am unaware how to proceed, pay, clear dues etc….
• Complains are ignored totally

All This is Basic info & Feedback which I shud get as an account holder when I open my account or apply a credit card.

Rather than receiving basic information from your Team Members from their side, I Have been frantically chasing them & all I get to hear is excuses such as:
• Am in a meeting
• Am Busy
• Will call u in 15 mins which never end
• Suddenly calls are not responded & totally ignored
• Hear “ Stay in your office, will give you a visit today” & then no calls to followup if they cant make it.
• Sometimes, “I don’t answer calls after 5pm” (ok if u hv a working hour & non working hour segregatn, but when u don’t answer back, respond, reply calls in working hours then whats the idea about pre & post 5pm)
• Even sms & voice messages on voice mails remain unanswered or ignored
• Empty talks

What sense does it make for me to get Chase your guys several times day & for days together to get my basic info regarding account & credit card? Does it take 45 days????? Who will be responsible for the resulting delays, penalties, loss??? Surely it shud be you guys who are responsible!

If there is any problem, they shud be clear & revert.
This is highly unprofessional make shift fly by night workshop kind of response or escapism or false promises.
I know, HSBC has too many clients, but with this irresponsible way your team exhibits, HSBC client base will erode, erode slowly but surely bcs word of mouth talk based on such pedestrian service will affect existing & future clientle and Client will look for other options with better basic service
I hope they (&your sales team) value Clients time & understand the impact of empty assurances or convenient escapism.

I don’t intend to complain against them as I understand the pressure faced in Dubai & the stress & realise what targets mean.
I wish that they are just explained the value of response & assurances so that they can be effective in their approach to old clients who have been roughed up in ways similar to mine or in their own ways & so that your future clients also appreciate the Brand HSBC which your team carries with it in terms of service.

Yes, but I seriously wud look for some basic response & feedback which is a must for every account holder & credit card holder. Kindly do drill some sense of Basic responsibility about Clients time & Basic feedback essentialness & necessity once Any account is opened to your sales team.

I hope to have some response from you & see the effective walk the tal kor lets see whether your team members have picked up all these traits from you!!!



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