H&R Bock-Office / up front price guarantee

PA, United States

An ad on the TV and radio stated H&R Block had an upfront price guarantee. I never used them before, so I thought, well, if it's too high, I'll just walk out. I guess I should have checked for the fine print. I'm thinking not all offices participate in this guarantee. I met with a person @ H&R block. I asked her the pricing. She pointed to a paper on the corner of her desk that said it could range from $100 to $400. Now, that's not a guarantee. I pushed the issue and said can't you narrow that down to a more exact #. She said, well lets just put your information in an see. I'm not sure how they determine how much to charge. At the end of the 1 1/2 hours I spent there, then she said it will be $310. Wow. had I known that I would have walked out immediately. Then, when I went to leave, (because I needed to get more info to complete them) they held my W-2s as ransom to be sure I came back. I will NEVER NEVER EVER use there services again. Who has $300 to just throw away. I think this is false advertising and someone needs to fix this.

Apr 05, 2013

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