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My wife and I did our taxes at H&R block and we were ripped off!

On my wife return, she was suppose to be refunded $2049 and only $1379 was deposited into her account. $670 was stolen from her refund! The preparation charge was suppose to be only $50, instead the charge her $670

On my return, I was suppose to be refunded $ 2706 and only $2036 was deposited into my account. H&R block also overcharged me $ 670, which was suppose to be only $50. My hard, blood and sweat money, the stole from us!

We want all our money back from H&R block

Apr 15, 2016
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      Jan 13, 2017

    Oh, I have a feeling you're DEFINITELY not going to like this. Here goes: 1, the price they charged you was correct. And 2, you aren't seeing a DIME of it back. They're like legalized muggers: Important until they take your money, then discard you and leave you victimized. And for #1, when I say right, it doesn't mean I agree with the price, which is why I'm doing this and also volunteer my time sometimes for completing people's taxes to reduce the number of victims like you as much as humanly possible. Next time, either go to VITA, an IRS Sponsored free tax preparation clinic (Single filing status $20, 000, all others $50, 000), or find a reputable person or tax program for way less money than Block charges. Hope your new years goes better.

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