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I went to HR Block for the 1st time on April 13th 2017 as I had received a Notice of Deficiency letter from IRS for my 2014 return. My Dad had left me stock after his death which I sold and did not declare as income I guess? I did not/do not understand it. I informed Socorro Navidad, my so-called "Tax Expert" that the notice is why I came to them. I brought the letter and all paperwork associated with the 2014 return.
She seemed very rushed and basically focused on my 2016 return. Had I not received the Notice of Deficiency I wouldn't have been​ there. She looked at the notice briefly and said all I had to do was fill in Schedule D. I could do it myself and it was easy she said. She asked me to come back on Saturday April 15 2017 at 12pm to finish my 2016 return. I went home, read over the notice quickly from IRS.
YES, IRS wanted Schedule D but also form 8949? Socorro did not give me proper information yet she is expert? Still no biggie I thought I will ask her Saturday. I went to my appointment at noon 4/15/17. They couldn't find my appointment and asked me to come back at 2pm which I reluctantly did. I told her the Notice required another form it said. She printed 8949 and circled totals on my 1099 forms to put on forms. I was still confused and asked if I should do an amended 2014 return after completing the forms or should I go to Tax Court which gave me until May 1st to file or should I ask for an abatement? She didn't really answer, just that I should mail both forms asap and it's easy which I believed. That day I was already upset and stressed. My daughter was readmitted to ICU Psychiatric Unit in Scotland and I wanted to leave asap to call Drs.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Aurora, COI just wanted my taxes over with but I wasn't thinking clearly. I was even crying in the office about my seriously ill daughter, Socorro was sympathetic but I felt rushed as far as the Notice was concerned.
I got to reading the Instructions for form 8949 and Schedule D for 2014. I didn't understand the instructions, I could not focus properly. It wasn't "easy" at all. I didn't want to make a mistake.
After days of stressing and reading up on what I should do ( time was running out for May 1st deadline) When I realised I was charged $333 from her I was beyond angry. I thought why am I doing this? The reason I went there to Professionals was my 2014 return.
I paid $333 for what? Help specifically with that! I tried to make another appointment and she had none available. It said on appt. site to call the office with questions year round and to call there to cancel Peace of Mind coverage I "opted" for. The office is closed until January 2018! I wanted Socorro to finish her job! Why was I stressing about this? What the heck did I pay over $300 for? I emailed her to no avail. No phone number except the office number. I am so upset. I will NEVER use HR block again EVER.
How can HR Block justify this total? It should have cost me $59.99 deluxe edition as again I could've filed 2016 myself. It's straightforward. I I filed for Tax Court myself. I'm still not sure if that was the right thing to do and paid $60.00 for that now. It has cost me $400 so far for absolutely nothing!
I would like a refund asap and wait patiently for some response. It is terrible customer service and instead of Peace of Mind. HR Block gave me opposite. It's shameful.

Apr 30, 2017

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