H&R Block / incorrect tax refund

Florence, KY, United States

Yes, h&r block works for the irs

Due to a personal situation I was not able to have the irs do my taxes last year for the year 2008 so I went to hrblock and paid $164.00 to hrblock to have my 2008 taxes done this year. 2009 was ok and done but they irs was not able to do it. Anyway I was supposed to received $1420.00 according to hrblock but instead I got a check from the irs for $237.00 I went back to the hrblock office to see if they can help me understand why I received such small amount, but I got from them such a fancy explanation, that I truly walk out of their office with the inside of my head in blank, so, then I called the irs and guess what, they told me to check it out with hrblock they said that's how it was send from hrblock and that they go by the records and what's on the system... Oh heck, I guess next time i'l go straight to the irs and have them do my taxes it will be cheaper... !!!...

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