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This is the worst service ever from appointment down to the supervisor Ms. Ferguson. I called to make my appointment over the phone and one of the representatives took all my information; name, social security number and phone number telling me our appointment was schedule and to come in at the appointment time. So I get to the office and there was no appointment in system, the staff acted as if they didn't know what they were doing. So I advised the young lady at the front desk I have taxes which requires a exceptional representative and instead of giving me what I ask for she put me with someone who didn't know what they where doing. I than asked for supervisor and the representative stated she not in the office yet, after waiting for the supervisor Ms. Ferguson for over an hour never being available. The representative finally find someone there who has more experience after processing the paper work which all was messed up and now have to owe and be amended. The supervisor than come in the office late I explained the situation to her she states she going to take care of the problem. First she never calls me but has someone else call to tell me I cant get a refund for the poor service. Than I contentiously call the store leaving messages she never calls me back. After a weeks worth of trying to get in touch with her, she sides with her staff stating that I never told this information to them, when I know I definitely did, I wouldn't just make this up, I came there for a professional service and got garbage. I had to remind her that she we wasn't there in the store to to address any of the issue anyway. I would no advised anyone to go there ever in life or you will definably be screwed in the process. DON'T DO IT TO YOURSEL[censored] TRUST ME!!! I'M IN PROCESS NOW WITH REPORTING THEM TO THE HOME OFFICE!!!BEWARE!!!

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  • Ja
      9th of Feb, 2010

    You shouldn't go to those places. Go to a local cpa!

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  • Ta
      24th of Mar, 2010

    Why did you sign off on a return with a balance due, when you knew you should be getting a refund?

    H&R Block hires new people every year, so do CPA firms.
    I can't do every return that walks into my office, I have to let junior people do some of them.
    That is after all how they will become senior.

    If I go to the meat market and order prime rib and the clerk hands me hamburger, you better believe I will not just smile and pay for it.

    Yet when you came into the tax office and from the very beginning knew there was a problem, you just rushed ahead and apparently signed off on a return with a balance due knowing that you should have received a refund!!!

    I'll tell you what I tell everyone. If you are unsatisfied with the results, gather your documents and walk out. Period! Do not allow a junior accountant, CPA, lawyer, or Tax Pro at H&R Block to complete a return that you know is incorrect. If you can't find it within yourself to get up and walk out, then my next best advice is always demand an Enrolled Agent. Some are better than others but most are fairly competent.

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