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Before I purchase a laptop, I asked the people around me for their feedback on the best brand of laptop to purchase. Most of them told me that HP is the best. Believing them, I purchased a HP laptop (HP Pavilion dv4-3019tx Entertainment Notebook PC).
However, in about 6 months later, some problems start to arise. The speed of my laptop becomes slower and freezes a lot when playing videos and typing in Microsoft Word. I then contacted the HP support staff. When I called in, the support staff promised to return back a call the next day to ask about my laptop’s condition. To my disappointment, no calls were returned the next day. Thinking that the support staff might be busy, I called back but with a different staff attending me—and the cycle repeats itself 3 times.
Now, there are more problems arising—my laptop cannot start up.
I then called the HP support hotline and they said that they’ve assigned someone to attend to my laptop issue and I’ve to call the person-in-charge to confirm the timing he is suppose to come. However, the phone number of the person-in-charge was always unavailable and not answering. I’ve called at least 10 times.
This service is really very disappointing and I hope that HP Singapore would have better training for customer service in the future.

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