HP Pavilion PC / abuse of 'extended warranty'

I bought an HP Pavilion Desktop from Fry's nearly 3 yrs ago. I was told by the salesman at the time, how important it was for me to purchase an EXTENDED WARRANTY, informing me, that in the event my PC needed repairs, "we will replace it, with a new one'', so I was sold, bought a 3 yrs. warranty.

Well, a couple of months ago, my desktop suddenly went out of order. Would not come on at all. I took it to Frys. The motherboard was out of whack they said.

I was told they would give me a call to pick it up once it was repaired. I waited God knows how long. I had no PC at home. I went back a couple of days latter to pick up a loaner, which turned out to be so slow, that the grass in my lawn grew faster than that piece of junk to boot up. I took it back.

I bought a new PC, not from Fry's (they lost me as a customer for a new PC, but hey, why should they care, my business is just a drop in the bucket for them).

I finally get a call to pick up my PC, ''its as good as new'', I was told.

Well, a couple of days latter, same thing happens. I take it back, again, they said it is the motherboard., '' we'll make sure it repaired to your satisfaction'' says the sales guy.

I think it was May, the first time I took it to be repaired.

After a couple of months, I had a call from a sales person, my PC was ready. This was on Wednesday September 16th 2010. I was told, that a new motherboard was replaced, along with a faulty memory stick, and a new hard drive. ''YOUR COMPUTER IS AS GOOD AS NEW'' had I heard that before?

I went to pick it up the next day. I told the service person, to switch it on. Wow, they forgot to install the operating system. I had to wait for them to do that, no apologies on their part. I live 20 miles away, would have had to make another trip.

Today is the 19th, I switch on the PC at home, and you guessed it right, its out of whack again.

So I have to make another trip, 20 miles, so they can perhaps get it repaired by Xmas of 2011, that is, if its repairable at all.

Since the inception of Fry's in Houston, I have been their regular customer, over the years, have given them huge amount of business, but I, like you, are just a NUMBER to them.

I never complained to the manager, trying to protect the employees from negative feed back, but enough is enough.

I wish their service was monitored.


''Conns'' a well known electronic outlet in Texas was recently fined by the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY general, for screwing people after they bought an extended warranty. Not repairing, replacing, or making good on their promise to be honest, seems that they need a name change ''CONED''


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