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Hp Pavilion Notebook / bad customer service and repair performance

1 20555 SH 249, Houston, TX, United States Review updated:
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Phone: (281) 370-0670

On november 22nd, I received my hp pavilion notebook that I had sent in for repair under warranty. Unfortunately, hp service team has not performed well because I am now required to enter a password which I never had to do before.

I am disappointed because when I called customer service on november 22nd, november 23rd, november 24th, and november 26 the agents assured me that it is not possible to find out who at hp has set this password.

The only option I was told was to do a system recovery which would mean the loss of all of my personals files, contracts and legal papers.

I am an independent contractor and have two lawsuits going; loosing these files was not an option. The agent then disclosed that hp, upon receipt of my notebook, has already removed all of these files. This was not disclosed neither on the warranty, nor has my permission been given to do this. My notebook had lcd cover issues so the removal of these file, if that's what they did, was completely unnecessary and illegal.

I was promised to get a call back but that never happened. Each time, I was forced to speak with agents that hardly knew the language. The average phone call lasted about 64 minutes and I was on hold or transfer a quarter of that.

To resolve the problem, I called, sent emails and certified mail. I mentioned that I hoped that the information I received was misrepresented and that hp has not deleted these files. I would appreciate if they could track whoever has set this password so I may assume my work as an independent contractor.

I will wait until december 26th, 2007 before taking legal action.

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  • An
      29th of Oct, 2007
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    Ditto... except for this one really nice person years ago. Even communicating to the President/ceo of HP does little good.

  • Va
      4th of Oct, 2007
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    Hp Pavilion Notebook - Terrible technical support
    United States

    A couple of weeks before starting my first year in college, I bought a HP Pavilion Notebook. A few weeks into the school year, my computer started having problems. One day it shut down automatically before I could back up my homework on my USB. I tried restarting it but it kept saying error. It wouldn't even let me reboot the whole thing. When I called technical support, they told me something was wrong with my hard drive. They said I would get my replacement within three days. Everything seemed to be going fine, but after about four days (not including the weekend), my hard drive still didn't come in. I called customer service to check in, and the lady said there was a delay and I'll receive it the next day. That night, I get an e-mail apologizing for the holdup and a link to check the status of my order. When I logged on I was shocked - both my billing address and my campus address were wrong! Both addresses were mixed together, and my shipping address was for Birmingham, AL - I live in Milwaukee, WI! I called right away (11 at night) and was transferred to India. Now that seemed like an issue right there. Since their accents were strong or it was hard for them to understand, it took a long time to get my problems and point across. However, that did not turn out to be the huge problem. The people at India were very kind and made sure I was getting all the help I could get, but eventually they realized that something was messed up with my overall order that was placed here in the first place. I was transferred three times that night, waiting and having to keep repeating information on the phone for an hour and a half. The last guy I talked to seemed like he fixed everything. He said the serial number of my computer was written wrong as well as my address (which was surprising because the guy I first ordered all this from spoke perfect English, so nothing should have gone wrong). My replacement hard disk was sent to Alabama, but it was the wrong one anyway because of the serial number. He said he fixed everything and I should get my disk the next day or after. However, when next day arrived, my dad got a phone call saying the hard disks were out of stock and that I would not receive new ones for three weeks! It had already been a week and we were frustrated! First of all, it was a new computer and should not have broken down in the first place, and second, we expected HP to be better at helping their customers quickly. My dad called technical support again, and we find out - once again - my address and serial number are still wrong on their order sheet! The last guy never fixed it! The guy who was speaking to my dad said the same things the last guy said to me the night before. My dad didn't believe him and now we're planning on calling the head of HP or the supervisor, all of this in order to get a small hard drive replaced. A week of phone calls, talking to 8 different people and repeating the same problem over and over, and dealing with having no computer in college was just enough. I expected HP to be better, but they can't hold a candle to my family's Sony Vaio. I know what I will be getting next time.

    A p/o'd customer.

    I just want the message to get across to HP that they need to step up if they want to keep up their reputation.

  • Ga
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    Hp Pavilion Notebook - HP Customer Service Center is terrible!
    United States

    I bought an HP Pavilion Notebook computer in October 2006. When I turned it on, the back light on the screen didn't work and the screen was black. HP telephone support couldn't help. I returned this computer for another HP Pavilion Notebook in November 2006. This worked for 7 months and then on June 9, 2007, the screen went black, same problem as the first computer. After several hours on the phone with technical support, to no avail, I was told to mail it back to HP for repairs. The repair center received the computer June 15. I finally got it back on July 26 after almost daily phone calls with the support center and numerous attempts to communicate with my "Case Manager". Out of many, many attempts over several weeks, I spoke to a Case Manager once and had one leave a message for me once. The rest of the time, either a message was left for him which was not answered, or the mailbox was too full to accept any more messages. Although the support center has been helpful, apparently only the Case Managers can make a decision if you want any service. The support center can only send a message to the Case Manager who then calls you back, in theory.

    After one week, my "repaired" computer now has the same problem again and I want a new computer. I am now on the same cycle; talk to the support center who escalates my case to the highest level and a Case Manager will call me back. So far the Case Manager has not called back. It's only 2 days so maybe I just need to be more patient? At this point I'm skeptical of ever getting satisfaction from HP Customer Service Center. Their system is terrible and getting anything done is impossible. Perhaps this is intentional?

    Gail Switzer

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