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After advertised the price of this computer for several days they cancelled the order and interrupted its shipping to me while it was on the way. Not only have I passed on other deals on this computer and they have expired but I also bought a video card for it that I had delayed buying until I knew it would ship. If they advertise the price for so long and sold so many of them I can only assume that this is sneaky and underhanded business. I was not compensated at all for trouble nor have I received good customer service about how they messed up the advertised price. Not to mention I still haven't received a refund. Don't order from these people and if you do, don't trust them until you actually receive the product at your house.

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  • Cm
      Aug 26, 2010

    contact them through email through their website, give them a timeline for the refund or the computer after that point contact your back to dispute the charges. Thats ### that they would allow the order to go through and make it to the shipping point before yanking it.

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  • So
      Aug 27, 2010

    The exact same thing happened to me. I purchased the Pavilion p6367c from Cowboom, only to experience the same troubles as CM1986. The order went through, my credit card was charged and the item shipped. Then, I was notified that THEY made a pricing error, so they were canceling the order. Before I ordered the computer, I did research on the company, which is owned by Best Buy. Their feedback was less than stellar. In fact, it was less than 50% positive feedback. Against my better judgment, I decided order the computer from them. I thought most of the negative feedback for Cowboom might have occurred before Best Buy purchased them, not that long ago. Boy was I wrong! I will never purchase another item from Cowboom and I'm strongly considering never purchasing another item from their parent company Best Buy if this is how they do business.

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