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HP Customer Service / Pavilion M7570N / hp pavillions stink and so does their customer service!

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January 9, 2007. HP Pavillions stink and so does thier customer service. I have been having issues with HP's Pavillion "media Center" PC, since 11-26-06 (day after Thanksgiving). The issues are the OS (XP Media Center) keeps going corrupt. The thing basicly acted like the 1970's movie charector, "Sybil." Didn't matter what i tried to do, the PC went corrupt, in many ways. HP Customer Service was not help either.

Since 11-26-06 (day 1 of purchase) , via phone, I was constantly hearing "that will be 60 dollars to fix the problem", on a brand new PC. When I protested it and said it should be covered since it's not even a week old (HP Pavillion M7570N).

I have dealt with 13 customer service people (phone and internet chat, "Total care" on HP site), total. My "Media Center" PC is still going corrupt, even after a total "disk format" or "wipe and recovery" (from the 3 CD roms sent). These folks clearly don't stand behind their product or know what they are doing. I was also told that I would not get back the 1000 dollars for this door stop, being only 2 months old. They proclaim they will not refund the money because "there's nothing physically wrong with the unit". I won't even get into trying to contact "quality department", who has "case workers" to supposedly fix the issues, or OK a refund.

I clearly do not recommend HP products of any kind. This last 2 months has left a VERY bad taste in my mouth for Compaq and HP. If they do not know how to fix the problem, or stand behind their product, BYPASS them now!. Due to these issues, my broadcast show cannot air, since I cannot "produce it". Thanks HP! I don't know how JD powers thinks this a great place for awards for customer service!

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  • Ph
      16th of May, 2008
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    i bought a media center pc from HP its the most expensive piece of junk i have ever bought. i have vowed to never buy HP ever again.

  • Bo
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    02-28-2008 I too have purchased a HP M7570N I AGREE WITH.. Mikel Grenier It has been a nightmare. After to many calls to count for customer service and on line support failed, I also was sent 3 disks to do a total Recovery, And as sure as Mikel says my computer still is not operating properly. I had one customer Service Tech , that took control of my PC remotely abandon the session in the middle of "fixing my problem" I think he ran out of the building leaving me hang on for 50 minutes . After I hung up and called a CASE MANAGER , She tried to contact this tech and she said he blocked her call. I then mentioned I should sue HP for a year and a half of repeated problems, she ended the call saying If I mention any legal action she can not talk to me any more. I purchased the extended top of the line warranty. I am unsure what my next step is going to be, but I would not recommend buying an HP to my worst enemy.

  • Ma
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    I purchased this new Media Center PC at BestBuy on 10/22/07, and it took 2 weeks to get all my software & hardware working with Vista.

    When we tried to set up the oncreen TV (internal) tuner through the Media Center software, it failed. Having used an external TV tuner on my older Dell, we didn't think it would be a problem getting it to work. Wrong! The Media Center was indeed able to recognize our Satellite set-top box so we could get picture and sound, but the last step in the set-up process gave an error: IR Cable Not Recognized. (Note that without being able to set up the TV feature in the Media Center, there is no way to get onscreen TV.) After countless calls to HP for assistance with this issue, NOT ONE service rep knew ANYTHING AT ALL about setting up the internal TV tuner. Moreover, there were apparently no instructions available to them to understand the problem or the solution and at least 2 of the reps didn’t know what “IR” meant!

    The HP Elite manual we received with the HP was not even up to date. It showed a diagram of an EXTERNAL TV tuner box with cables, but no reference was made to the now INTERNAL infrared sensor. We wasted HOURS on the phone, ran through dozens of exercises with positioning the cables, one rep even took over control of our PC to try to simulate the problem, and yet another had us take the PC casing off to check for broken wires, etc., all to no avail. We received nothing but promises that the problem would be fixed with the part they would eventually ship. The "part" was always the same--a new remote control! We now have 3 remote controls, all of which work, but that was NEVER the problem! We asked for new cables each time because everything worked but the cables. The cable “part” was apparently never in the order system, according to the last rep we talked to, meaning they couldn't order it (which is, I suppose, why they kept sending a new remote control!).

    After feverishly making other arrangements to borrow an old, slow Dell PC—then the time-consuming part of setting it up with all our accounting and work-related software knowing we’d be without the new PC for at least a week, we finally agreed to ship our new HP to the factory on 11/23 for diagnosis & repair. We were told several times it would be 4-7 days before we would get it back. I received an automated email on 11/29 stating the expected return would be 12/5.

    A few days after the PC was received by HP, a manager from the Tech Repair center called. He had our PC in front of him and we again walked through the entire TV tuner set-up problem with him. That's the last we've heard until I checked on 12/5 on the website for repair order status. We had NOT RECEIVED ANY emails or calls informing us of any additional problems, so we postponed commitments and made arrangements to be here all day for the delivery of our HP on December 5th. After checking the website, I found that the update revealed a new delivery date of December 17th! Since we were not informed of this, we AGAIN had to make additional arrangements or a loaner PC!

    We have spent countless wasted hours on the phone with tech support reps who know absolutely nothing! They refuse to let you speak to a supervisor and keep you waiting on the phone constantly. We were finally able to get transferred to the Repair Unit on Dec. 13th, where a Tech Repair Specialist (who refused to let me speak to his manager) told me the PC was all fixed - that it was a software problem - and that it would be shipped out that afternoon via FedEx. I felt somewhat at ease and asked him to email me a FedEx tracking number, which he agreed to do. The next morning when no email was received, I looked at the status order website and found our PC was now changed to a delivery on 12/24! No one EVER called to give us this information! They arbitrarily change the shipping dates and don't have the guts to call you!

    I have written lengthy letters of complaint to all the Executive team members, and not one of them has even acknowledged my letters. I've also faxed them--with no result. I was able to get in touch with a Customer Relations manager yesterday, and after waiting forever on the phone, he transferred me to a case manager who told me they were waiting on a "part" and there was nothing they could do. Bottom line is they can hold your equipment hostage for as long as they want without regard to your inconvenience or hardship.

    No one has offered to replace the faulty PC and they refuse to compensate their customers for all the downtime with no PC and aggravation of wasted calls due to their faulty equipment and unskilled personnel. It is the worst company to deal with--all you get is apologies for the inconvenience but no action. The executive staff consider customers the lower end of the food chain and shrug their shoulders at any complaints. BestBuy refuses to take the machine back because it's over their 14-day return policy. We have been without a workable PC for going on 2 months now, and it's just our bad luck we chose HP. We recommend that if you're looking for a good PC and good customer support, DON'T BUY HP!!!

  • Ya
      3rd of Dec, 2007
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    My laptop is not getting to start.

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