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HP / terrible experience

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I bought a new HP dv 9000, was told it was to be a 9200 or so, box said so, but its 9000, anyway, from compusa... now out of business. As soon as I got the computer and turned it on... it said low disk space, got extremely hot, some applications weren't loading right, etc., about 6 months later.I just opened it one time as usual, to use it, the screen cover popped and just broke off... "what the?"its still on a lil on the right side... but a bunch of plastic broke off. It was hard to get in touch with HP over the phone, I finally did. They say haha out of warranty, even though I emailed them when I saw the problems after i bought it... I am mark J. In tampa FL 813 7??? They know how to reach me and i hope they do... HP computers, customer service is not as great as we hear, nor are there computers, maybe i just got a "BAD" one, help me HP... please... ill repost if they help or if they don't...

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  • Va
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    Within a month of our receiving our brand new HP/Compaq nx6110 laptop it started going black while the computer was still functioning. Sometimes the screen would come back if you moved it back and forth, like there was a loose connection. But most of the time it would not come back, and the only way to revive it was to shut it down and restart it, and even then you might have to do that two or three times before the screen would be illuminated. Forget saving your work if you had more than one item open. I would hit Ctrl-S and could save one item, but you're in the dark, so other items would be lost. I notified them on their website and was given a case number. The laptop was less than one month old. They were supposed to send me a box to ship the machine back to them. Never came. Went back to the website. They didn't find my case number, so they gave me a new one. Still no box came. Went to the website again, now with two case numbers they didn't recognize. I called an 800 number, talked to a guy who said he would look into it for me, and he took down my case numbers. I was given a third case number. Never heard back from anyone. Months are going by, and still this thing is driving us crazy. I write a letter to them, telling this story, and nothing. I go to the website again, still my case numbers don't get recognized. I call, and now the warranty period is about to run out. One year has gone by. I call an 800 number for customer help on last time. The person I end up talking to is not sympathetic. My warranty has run out. There is nothing more they can do for me. They can fix it, but I will have to pay for it. Hello Apple. We got an iBookG4. I'm loving life now.

  • Hp
      24th of Oct, 2008
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    I completely agree with you.

    I received an HP Pavillion entertainment/tablet PC in November of 2007. I should have returned it from the outset when I became suspicious about the quality after seeing the poor resolution of the external monitor and the horrible resolution if I connected it to the docking station. A phone call to HP about the above issues just resulted in a lot of transfered phone calls but no solutions. I just gave up on the $50 dock and moved on and accepted that the quality of the tablet really wasn’t very good and did not remotely compare to the quality I had observed on other tablets.

    But then, in May, the tablet feature suddenly stopped working. Eight hours of phone time didn’t resolve the issue, and the call backs I was supposed to receive from technicians never arrived. I needed a computer, so I kept using it…

    And then in July or August, it started making a high pitched screaming noise if it wasn’t muted or plugged into an external headset, but I didn’t have time to call HP, because I knew it would require losing my laptop for days if not weeks, and who is able to do that?

    But in September, when I was finally ready to call HP for repairs, the wireless just stopped working. The drivers would just disapear and not install. Another 8 hours on the phone with technicians from all across the world, and no solution (though each insisted on going through the same routine over and over). I sent it in with the promise it would be back in less than a week…

    Nope, it took a month. And when I got it back, how long did it work? Three hours! After three hours the wireless drivers had uninstalled themselves. And then it wouldn’t respond after sleep mode for a day before I called HP. When I did get them on the phone (time 2 1/2 hours), I was told that “HP’s have trouble with sleep mode.” A modern PC that has difficulty with sleep mode? Regardless after 2 1/2 hours on the phone the wireless problem wasn’t resolved, yet I was promised a call back the next day.

    After waiting by the phone for 5 1/2 hours I called HP and insisted on a replacement or refund. I was lead to understand that I would receive one. Guess what, when the person contacted me to “arrange” a replacement he was really calling to say that they do not do that. Only if your HP computer has been repaired three times are you elgible for a replacement (do the math: three times at a month each time). Refunds are called “buy backs” and are based on (get this!) “the current value of the PC.” Everyone knows that my PC is currently worth nothing!

    My new contact at HP also insisted that they only see major problems such as mine in “about 5″% of their products.” If any of you can do that math, you must realize that 5% of the number of HP products is a huge number. Few businesses are willing to operate on the premise that 5% of their products will have serious defects that may reach the customer, but apparently HP is not one of them.

    So what is the point?
    1. Do not buy HP products, they are cheap and break often and the company is aware of this but lets you, the user, discover that you have a cheap product that you will spend more hours trying to fix than actually using

    2. Do not buy HP products, their customer service is abysmal and they will spend more time transfering your phone call from one agent to the next, or shipping your product from one repair location to the next, or even insulting you, as one technician did after failing to repair my device and stating “IIII am the technician here, and I say that it is fixed.” (If it doesn’t work, it is not fixed).

    Do not fall into the trap of HP’s units being affordable given the number of features they offer, there’s a reason they’re so much cheaper than the competitors: they aren’t competing.

  • Sc
      4th of Jun, 2013
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    On 3/11/2012 I took delivery of an AIO Model 320-1050. On 3/22/2013, just one year and 11 days later, my machine wouldn't turn on and only through some quirk, it did come out of its coma after several days. It turns out that was the warning shot over the bow. On 5/28/2013, it completely died and I find out today that, after only 18 months in production, the model has been discontinued and there are no parts available, nor will they be made available. Isn't there some law that says parts must be available for so many years?

  • Un
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    HP - Terrible Quality, Customer Service, Company
    North Carolina
    United States

    This company is lucky I'm not suing right now.
    I bought this laptop a year and a half ago, and since then my power supply has broken FIVE times. The hard drive crashed recently (They sent it back with a TRIAL copy of Windows Vista, even though my Vista is fully registered.). The battery life is completely AWFUL, like hardly a HALF HOUR of battery life on a full charge (when the laptop actually charges).
    My most recent problem has been the power supply literally smoking and not working.
    Their customer service policy is apparently non-existant.
    Save yourself the trouble and buy a Mac or a Dell..

  • Da
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    HP sucks... and i dont recommend it to ANYONE!

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