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I bought a bridesmaid dress in house of Fraser unfortunately for personal reasons my friend can no longer attend wedding. I was obviously upset and had spent £170 on the dress so I took it back into the was bought on my mums credit card and the girl in the shop was able to call it up on her screen to show proof of purchase..she said that it was over 28days ago in a really rude tone and loud enough to draw attention.i was really embarrassed and ask if that was a problem..she took the dress hung it up behind the till and then said they would not do a thing to help..I asked was it even possible to get a smaller size or a credit note..she could not have been and more patronising and got the manger and 3 of her colleagues to tell me the same thing as they gathered around was really embarrassing.i asked for the dress back and they shoved it in the bag..since coming to Belfast I have spent a lot of money in the shop and this has left me really angry as I have a dress I can do nothing with.. I then met as usual a really nice member of staff trying to sell me something and mentioned their wedding gift service but there is no way I could trust them again. Don't know how long they will stay in Belfast but they need to realise that customer service is the new competitive edge not stacking up quick sales.

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  • Ra
      Nov 29, 2012

    Honey, if it was anything at all like the ugly lime green rag I had to wear to my best friends wedding and had ot pay 450 us dollars for it out of my pocket ...well nothing could be as bad as that except that I've had that rag hanging in my closet now for 22 years and I have to get reminded of that ripoof to this day every time I reach too far back in there... Oh...and her and her lovie dovie split 17 years ago. Hows that for a sob story? Take the thing back home and store it somewhere where you'll never find it. And then, never look back.

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