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YesStyle - Package Never Arrived

Usually I have no issues when ordering from YesStyle, but this time my order never arrived. It was supposed to arrive by November 14th as so I'm told on the website, but it's now December 2nd and the package still hasn't arrived (ordered October 15th). I'm upset that customer service has been so unhelpful and I've gotten no help in the two weeks I've tried contacting them. I want a refund or a resend of my order because I contacted the shipping company and the customer service representative said my package was lost and closed my file saying I needed to contact YesStyle about this issue. However, YesStyle has been very uncooperative in communicating with me. I feel like I've been scammed. I want my money back or a discount for all this hassle.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

YesStyle - Returns

They give only 14 days for a return, so I paid 13$ for a label which they said I had to pay for and then they never refunded me so I emailed them. They said I did not return it within 14 days, I am a clinical student so I am very busy but it had to have been close. So I got no refund at all, gave the company about 60$ for free! I will NEVER shop here again. The items I returned were two clothing items, don't let the pictures and reviews fool you the clothes are TRASH.

Desired outcome: Refund in full


YesStyle - refund

After filing for a return Yesstyle promised me a full refund on Paypal, only for 2 days later refund me in store credit. A month after I had made my order, the package had still not arrived, so I...

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Dec 07, 2019

YesStyle - I never received my package and customer service sucks

It's been almost a month and I still haven't gotten my package. When I was notified it was held up in customs I was told that yesstyle should have given me a clearance number and when I asked them...

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YesStyle - I have ordered my items from yesstyle and still haven't received my package.

I have ordered on 8th September 2019 and my order was shipped on 23rd September 2019. I have used Standard delivery service which takes one month for the package to reach it's destination but it's already have been more than one month and I want my package as soon as possible. The package didn't have a tracking code available but i have the order no. with me. The order no. is- [protected]. I don't want any refunds i just want the items to reach my address as soon as possible. If the company not willing to help me this is actually becoming a bad reputation for them. Please help.


YesStyle - I will make bad reviews of yes style every time I see a third party business practices complaint website.

Amazon needs to clearly point out shipping point of origin. YesStyle, for example is one of your sponsored companies that has my refund for store credit tied up in china somewhere waiting for the inventory to arrive from thier "suppliers." It's been over two weeks and it still hasn't shipped And they offer store credit only--no refunds. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! They won't give it back. And YesStyle's men's regular 5x equals about a men's large, in the u.s. YesStyle is a scam! They send you stuff that they already know won't fit and then they tie the customer money up!

Update by Gunter Scott
Jul 26, 2019

Amazon needs to clearly point out shipping point of origin. YesStyle, for example is one of your sponsored companies that has my refund for store credit tied up in china somewhere waiting for the inventory to arrive from thier "suppliers." It's been over two weeks and it still hasn't shipped And they offer store credit only--no refunds. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! They won't give it back. And YesStyle's men's regular 5x equals about a men's large, in the u.s. YesStyle is a scam! They send you stuff that they already know won't fit and then they tie the customer money up!


YesStyle - shipping process unclear

I ordered over $100 worth of clothing and used Express shipping as I wanted cute clothes before vacation. I left more than enough time for the shipping to even come late before I left for vacation. It took a week longer than it said it was going to take, and I waited everyday to accept the shipment at door front so it wouldn't get lost. The package never left the shipping facility in a nearby city. I received an email saying the address needed more information, and I quickly corrected it. Even after, It was stuck there for a while so I let my family member go and check. They needed my personal Identification even though my family member had the same last name and address as me. I was unable to receive the package still. I come back from vacation and go to the facility and they tell me the package is returned to the shipper! So now my clothes are back in Hong Kong. I email yesstyle and they reply quickly saying the courier has abandoned the order and no returns can be made, and they have no further arrangements on the issue. So I am left with no clothes and I can't get my money back.
Even if it was an issue on address or identification, if the customer never received the clothes, there should at least be store credit or a card reimbursement (at least a refund excluding shipping!)

Ordered May 30th (Express Shipping)
June 5 at local facility
no updates
before July 13th (shipped back to Hong Kong)
-no updates on order on either websites-

May 10, 2019

YesStyle - service trouble facing for order and payment already done

This is regard to order [protected] made on 14/4/2019. Ive been waiting since a month now I have not been notified also my order is only showing processing. This is so wrong how can I be charged for the items without knowing about the arrival or availabilty of the items from suppliers. Only after I sent an email im getting this reply from yesstyle that the products are not been sent by supplier. The items are in stock I can see them in the app and sent screenshots to customer service mail too. When requested yesstyle they emailed me saying. The new item must be of the same or lesser value than the original item. The glow kit I purchased was on discounted sale at the time I purchased. Now it happens to be on full price, which is not my problem. The compensation for the discounted price should be adjusted by you or the supplier, why should the customer be at the loss? After the order and the payment are processed almost a month ago. This is not right on your part to trouble the customer this way after you have given discounts or simply dont give them as offers just to trouble customers later.
I therefore request you to not delay my order and make the necessary arrangements to deliver the order I have placed. I have beared enough patience on this matter. Both the glowkit and the multistick, must be processed from any supplier or from the in-stock available items, as I can see them on your website with the original price.
Price is not my concern as it has been your mistake or the suppliers your company deals with, as you should not display the items out-of-stock upon its non-availability and accept payments from customers and confirming through emails they will be delivered, I still can see the products available in the app after confirming the order and card payment done immediately month ahead and when now asked your conveying me this. And now at the moment the customer is at trouble because of your carelessness. How can you compensate for the customers loss of my time and money?

YesStyle - never received my order

I've never received my order ([protected]) that was placed back in October 8th. This was dealt really poorly by this company. They said they were going to reship my order then somehow got cancelled and...

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Sep 30, 2018

YesStyle - I haven't received my parcel and they asked me to pay twice the postage fee!

I have purchased goods from YesStyle many times but had a very bad experience with my last order. Recently, I placed an order with YesStyle with free shipping. Everything seemed fine until there wa...

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Jul 29, 2018

YesStyle - order number [protected], one of the products that I had paid for is missing from the order package.

Order Number [protected] Order Date & Time [protected]:57 PM Shipment Invoice number: 9601294 Hi, So I ordered couple of items from YesStyle on 29th June, 2018 and received them yesterday, 28th...

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Jul 29, 2018

YesStyle - 5-10 shipping days bs its 9 days hasn't even been sent out

1. the processing was over and was 'sent' out 21st July 2. I didn't get tracking (Royal Mail) until 24th saying 'Service used: Royal Mail Tracked 48™ The sender has advised us they're preparing your...

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YesStyle - never received a product still waiting for refund (6 months)

I have ordered a product from YesStyle in the begining of october. Never recieved it and according to YesStyle it has been sent back to them directly. It has been 6 months now and they are telling me...

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Mar 14, 2018

YesStyle - pinkage half wig

When I first ordered something I wanted the fastest shipping so I bought all these stuff worth more than 200 dollars with my friend and family the main one I really needed fast was my half wig. It...

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Jan 11, 2018

YesStyle - refund

I have just returned a coat to yourselves that was bought as a Christmas present however on arrival the coat was ripped and the quality of the item was disgusting. I could never give this to anyone...

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Oct 27, 2017

YesStyle - hello I bought im yesstyle but I have problem please quickly resolve about my problem

Hello I bought in YesStyle by the way I didn't receive my courier yet because My courier has being returned to Seller. So my mean my courier in Mov e to where that is HONGKONG now . What happened? I...

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Oct 25, 2017

YesStyle - order lm658896463cn

Hello my name is Frida, I placed an order the 24th of September in Yesstyle. Order LM658896463CN. When I search for the tracking code in my country's mail service ( Canada Post) it has not been...

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Oct 23, 2017

YesStyle - Absolutely awful

I have never experienced this. It's terrible. From the very start, I should have known there would be issues with them. First of all, shipping takes forever, the delivery takes even longer. I waited...

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Oct 03, 2017

YesStyle - horrible experience

Needless to say, it was my first order from them and I was extremely disappointed with the situation.
I got my order 6 weeks after I placed the order. And the items had nothing to do with the photos on the site. They looked completely different and had a terrible quality. I know that my story is very similar. It happens to almost everyone. And it's horrible how the websites that sell cheap Chinese clothes use us and out trust against us getting money for nothing.

Sep 18, 2017

YesStyle - Can't reach their CS

I regret I ordered from them. Because after I ordered nothing was arrived. I tried to contact them, but all of my attempts were unlucky. I mean yes, I reached them several times, but their answer...

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