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My children and I love Hostess. I've been eating them sense I can remember. When I pack them lunches in the morning for school I put one in for them. But I was wondering what's going on with the petites. Why isn't there much in the bags. We pay 4 bucks and there's barely anything in them. My children really enjoy them but there's not enough. Do you think you can put a little more in.

Hostess Brands
Hostess Brands

  • Updated by All natural 07, Aug 21, 2018

    My children and I love Hostess products. We love to snack on them at times. But I was wanting to know so little in these bags. I mean there is bearly anything in the bags. We pay like 4 bucks for a bag. I pay less for other bags and get more. But it's not the same as Hostess. We where wanting to know if you could add a little more to the bags please.

Aug 21, 2018

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