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Minneapolis, MN, United States

I've been a big fan of ding-dongs my entire life, all the way back to the foil wrapped ding-dong days, and I have NEVER experienced anything with ANY snack food similar to the one I've just had with a box of Ding-Dongs. I live in Minneapolis, MN and purchased this particular box at the CUB food store in Bloomington near my mothers house. I do not possess the box, unfortunately, but I do have a couple of opened, (half-eaten), as well as sealed, (unopened) individual ding-dongs all from the same box. My sister and brother and law, as well as my wife and daughter, were the first to begin eating them and first was noticed a strong chemical smell. Those of us who really enjoy ding-dongs ate an entire ding-dong in just a couple swift bites and it was already down my throat before I began to notice the taste and the burn. I probably would have noticed the taste sooner but I am a cancer survivor from a few years back and my sense of taste and smell has been impaired by the chemo-therapy I had to undergo. At any rate, that was two days ago on Dec. 11th, 2017 and the chemical-like burn is still so prominent that it is almost impossible for me to eat or drink anything with salt, sugar, or any type of spice. If it keeps up today I am pretty sure I will be going to the doctor via emergency room. It's a horrible dry, burning sensation and I am wondering if there has been any other similar complaints and if I should pursue litigation and retain some type of injury lawyer? I read on the last page something similar that another pair of individuals may have experienced and I don't know how to proceed. If anyone has any ideas or advice I would welcome it warmly. Just from what my family has gone through I am unwilling to accept a return of the defective product to the store of purchase and receive a refund or replacement. We have all suffered, so far, the inability to eat just about anything, or drink much else besides water without a great deal of discomfort. I think the hostess company, (or Apollo Industries), or whomever is at the top of the chain of the ding-dong manufacturing process should look into this with all seriousness and with the sense of urgency it deserves. The experience is far more than a nuisance, it has been a continual source of great pain and discomfort since two days ago when we sampled the product. All are willing to write statements and make video statements which I hope to have accomplished by the end of the day. I can include pictures of the remaining ding-dongs, and I will make video as well, but it is difficult to express the odd nature of taste and smell in a picture or video.

Hostess Brands
Hostess Brands

Dec 13, 2017

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