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Hostelworld is showing facilities options for places to stay-- as being "wheelchair accessible". I recently traveled with a friend of mine who is in a wheelchair. I contacted hostelworld to let them know I would be making a booking using these search requirements. They told me that I needed to contact the hostel post booking to make sure that the hotel is accessible. I tried booking three facilities and via email the facilities telling me that they are not accessible:
Kuldeep Friends Hostel, New Delhi, India
booking ref: 60459-[protected]
10th Jul 2014, 5 nights
Fernloft City (Chinatown), Singapore, Singapore
booking ref: 28456-[protected]
15th Jul 2014, 3 nights
B88 Hostel, Singapore, Singapore
booking ref: 64002-[protected]
15th Jul 2014, 3 nights
I lost two dollars per booking trying to arrange a place for me and my friend to stay. 6 dollars total. I then booked a hostel at "hotel the spot"
Hotel The Spot, New Delhi, India
booking ref: 53910-[protected]
10th Jul 2014, 5 nights
They misrepresented their hotel as being accessible. It was not. We showed up at the appointed time and my friend couldn't even get to the door to the hotel because it was 15 yards down an unpaved alleyway strewn with concrete and trash. I lost $16.40 on my credit card for that transaction---even though it was the hotel that was not accessible and they misrepresented themselves to us, the clients. Hostelworld at my complaint said that I could use $14 out of the $22 I lost booking the hotels with them---as credit up to 6 months in the future. I demand a full refund. The company is misrepresenting that they are wheelchair friendly and instead, they've created nothing but problems when booking with a wheelchair user.

Jul 27, 2014

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