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Horizon Gold / fraud and misrepresentation!

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I got this offer by email; "we remain eager and hopeful that you will take advantage of this incredible opportunity to become part of the Horizon Gold Card family. No Credit Checks, No Employment Checks, No income verification whatsoever... even bankruptcy is not a problem. Get 0% Interest, No Credit Checks, Instant Online Approval". I went online to find out more information. I had to fill out the first page of the application. On the second page, there was a picture of cards with the 'Visa' and 'Mastercard' logo. I clicked on the 'Terms and Conditions' for the Horizon Gold card and nothing was available. I tried this a couple of times before searching the internet for comments on this company.

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  • Kr
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    27 days ago by Gary [send email]
    My wife receive this horizon gold card in the mail last night. Since im a goggle freak i googled horizon gold fraud just to c who these people really are and if there has been any complaint against them needless to say i came upon this website. There's too much complaint against them so i ripped it up for her. I did a little research on them and this is for the people who have ben scam, here goes. Horizon gold address is 1707 Warren Road Indiana, PA 15701 US. Guess who also resides at this address too, Reliant Holdings Guess who owns horizon gold and there phone #7244656075 this website was created on 12-Apr-2005 the email associated with the website is Record created on 03-Feb-2006. they havent been in the bussiness long enough in my opinion

  • So
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    If you closely look at the pictures of the card on the post card and on the website, GUESS WHAT!!! There is no Visa or Master Card logo. If you read the website closely, you will see that those logos are there to show you how to pay the one time membership fee. Also, if you red the terms and conditions, it says specifically that this is not a VISA or MASTER CARD, that it is for shopping on Learn how to read and examine things!

  • He
      29th of Jul, 2008
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    I got a post card from Horizon Gold, so I went on line to check it out. I came across this page before I found the site. Thank God. Thank you to all who have posted here, you have saved me and many more a lot of trouble.

  • Ar
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Now I'm in BIG trouble- the new tenant at my old address activated the card! Now it's hitting my bank account!

  • An
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I was an employee of reliant holdings and to be honest I personally did not agree with marketing strategy, however, it is a very effective strategy from a business standpoint, it also says right in the terms and conditions that the horizon gold card is NOT I repeat NOT a VISA or MASTERCARD.

    Now granted most of the people who wanted to sign up just saw credit card and and signed up without reading the terms and conditions I know because I heard all kind of illiterate folks tell me that they did not see that in the terms and conditions, but, if you look on the web site and click on terms and conditions, and you are not illiterate, you will read clearly in black and white the terms and conditions and it does also state that the card can only be used to purchase online items only.

    I also want to state that the card can be used to help your credit by reporting on a monthly basis, the catch is you have to have a balance and be paying on the balance to have a good monthly report, just having the card and having an open account is not going to give you a good monthly report .

    The main client base is composed of people who have less than perfect credit and are their credit score does not warrant a visa or mastercard also it states that the visa and mastercard logo are a payment method for the one time initial fee.

    Point blank if you are uneducated enough to realize that the only people who will give you a credit card don't already know your credit score and you think that someone would seriously just give you a credit card with your obvious lack of finacial tack, you deserve what you get for not paying attention, and don't give that ADD ADHD horse hockey when someone calls your bluff because you did not read the fine print.

    This is 2008 the is fine print everywhere you go in life get with the program.

  • Kb
      9th of Oct, 2009
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    It's bad enough some people were fooled or even misled by the ad, But no one needs to reed a comment from a complete idiot with no regard for other peoples feelimgs.True everyone should read the fine print. But some don't and it seems to me, by the hostility he showed in his comment he must have fell for it. So he is and sounds like an idiot HaHaHa.

  • We
      11th of Dec, 2009
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    I found this on my statement today, I did not have any dealings with these people .They took $24.95 from my account today, I called them and I was treated poorly and then I threatened them with the police .Then they got a supervisor and were real nice and promised to refund my money today. I have account numbers etc. We will see .

  • Re
      17th of Feb, 2010
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    Read those aholes agreememnt.Even if they don't approve you, they will spam you without mercy.Those rotten ### have ruined my email account with their relentless sales tactics.They have so called unsubscribe links, don't believe it.Why would they continue to harass me?They turned me down, it makes no sense.Never buy anything from spammers, beacsue spammers are usually scammers.Now I allpied for their card, got denied, and these scammers have all of my information, right down to social security.I bet they have been selling those to 'marketers too'.We have to shut these ###s down.

  • Ho
      8th of Nov, 2012
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    The product is a scam. If you were scammed by the card, call Bob Kane at Reliant Holdings, 724-465-6075 and only speak with him.

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