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Unfortunately your website to misrepresent and collect funds illegally does not provide for any address to safeguard consumers for the right to cancel a credit or account within 3 legal business days. Your offices misrepresents the amounts they will collect, and deceptively states consumer will have their amount collected with a notice on thier next billing statement. Furthermore when I legally cancelled this account the service manager named only as Dan, refused to provide his full name and tried to mandate how I would run my home. This company presented their account fees 6 times, 3 times they presented amounts of lesser values only to collect monies. Further more they offereed a cancellation transaction number and reversed the sixth presentedcharge of lesser value. In Minnesotat this is against the FDIC as electronic payments can only be presented 3 times. Furthermore I never recieved thier magical account number or any validation of this magical transaction number which they claimed they couldn't provide me with. Therefore they had the right to commit fruad, provide me no transaction information on my magical account and they had the right to present this electronic check as many times for as many different amounts that they wanted until they could secure any money. This is fraud, misrepresentation and by the complaints of the other people your company has a reputation for fraud. Your deceptiveness in this manner only validates your offices and business entity will do and say anything including fraud, misrepresetnation and illegal business practices in order to collect money from honest people. Furthermore Minnesota Law mandates the right to cancel this account within three days or offices doesn't even post your address to allow for the legal cancellation of an account. Furthermore I don't appreciate your tone and reufsal to offer me the RIGHT to cancel my account. Perhaps a class action lawsuit against your business for the WELL obviated fraud, misrepresetntation and deliberate will to continue in these unlawful and abusive practices would stop your corrupt and assaultive acts. Sincerely, Michelle M> Baragar, I don't even feel secure about posting my name from the tones of hostile and willful disrespect I receieved from your managers. VEry sickening and rude people. They refused to provide their website address also after calling them for their sixth attempt on securing money from my account for several different amounts. Very Very Criminal people. I will be seeking an attorney on their practices and their very rude and disrespectal natures including the illegally withholding of the right to cancel this accountwithin 3 ays.

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  • Aa
      Oct 05, 2007
    Horizon Gold Card - False charges
    United States

    They sent me a horizon gold card. I looked at their website but never bought anything or used the card. Now they are trying to charge me. Telling me i have a balance when i should not at all. I keep getting emails,phone calls an letters saying it is going to a collection company. Every time i try to get results when i call card services. I get put on hold forever then disconnected. I dont need this b/s on my credit report! Aaron s.

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  • Da
      Apr 06, 2008

    After applying online for a credit card through different companies, I received a professional made postcard type advertisement stating that if i invest with them iwill receive a 500 dollar line of credit. At the time when i released my debit card number to them i had insufficient funds, so i left it at that .A couple of weeks later my card was still being charged. I was able to contact them and I confronted them about continuing to charge my card with out my permission, they apologized and proceeded to convince me that if they allow me to let them keep my money they would up grade my creditlimit.After negotiating a so called sales rep said " my boss has allowed me to give you a $40.00 dollar rebate and for us to keep $40.00 we will upgrade your credit line to 2, 000 dollars, in which we will report to the credit buero and it will look real good on your report" At this point it seemed OK that they could upgrade as such because the credit line was only good through their store ."I never received my card, and am now unable to come in contact with them.
    I have been scamed, lied to and robbed. I have no trust in a major everyday device the internet. I am not even sure if this complaint web page is for real or something designed to intercept wronged consumers.

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  • Co
      Apr 09, 2008
    Horizon Gold Card - Theft
    Horizon Gold Card
    United States

    I Just Got Off The Phone Wit A Horizon Gold Card Supervisor And He Told Me That I was Not Entitled To A Refund Simply Because I Accessed The Web-Site A Couple Of Times And I Had Never Used The So Called "Members-Benefits". I Really Now Know That All They Do Is Scam You Out Of Money And All They Wanna Do Is Talk About What A "Non- Major Credit Card Is Good For" . They Have Refuse Time And Time Again After Countless E Mails To Issue Me A Compete Refund

    I have been scamed, lied to and robbed.

    Dont Fall For The Scam

    U'll Be Pre-Approved To Shop Only Using Their Online Catalog

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  • Ho
      Oct 30, 2010
    Horizon Gold Card - scammers !
    horizon gold card
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    they are liars, deceitful criminals, i ordered card hey said it was a $ 500.00 credit card. took weeks to get they took $39.95 out of account 2 x in one month. and want an additional 30 every month for me to buy garbage from their website. i have left several messages by phone and email to no evail. i am having my bank stop any future payments on this and reporting to better business bureau. I want my money back...

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  • Ja
      Nov 30, 2012

    i can not pay the monthly card fee i would like me card cacelled as of to day my name is james marchand my card number is [protected] as of today .thank you for all the help you can give me you can email at [protected] anytime

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