Horizon Card Services / non-legit

Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Like others on here I thought that this was a legit credit card i was being offered and sent. However, it is not, it can only be used through them and for certain services. Their customer Service is awful. When I called twice to have the account closed I never actually got the account closed, I either got a further credit limit or no help at all. It took two calls of which I just gave up on because I was getting no where except from customer service representative to customer service representative to tell me absolutely nothing related to what I wanted. Then, finally after I gave up the second time another woman named Brenda called me and I calmly explained to her my issue and how no one could help me close my account and for the first time in a forty eight hour period she was able to help me and closed the account and offer me a refund. Please do not fall into this scam and certainly don't ever deal with customer service because there is none from this place, just a bunch of people that want to ace you out of money for something that will never personally be used.

Dec 18, 2014

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