Hooters of America / wait time for food and service from server and manager

Worst experience ever!!
First time visiting the location. Arrived at about 12:45 pm on a sunday afternoon. We were seating immediately, greated within 5 mins and had our pop and water within 5 mins of placing drink order. At this point all was great.
At the time of us placing our drink order we also placed an order for an appetizer which was loaded tots. That took 35 mins to make it to our table. 30 mins after the appetizer came we still hadn't received our food as we watched others who had been seated after us receive their food. We had to flag down the server who mind you had not come back to our table for a drink refill or to clear our plates from our appetizer. She said she'd go check into our food within 2 mins she was bringing out our food. I tried my fries which were ice cold so when she returned with the ketchup because the bottle was empty I asked her make sure to remove the fries from my bill as thry were cold. She said she'd talk to her manager about it. I picked up my chicken sandwich to take my first bite and there was a 2 inch black hair laying on my white plate under my sandwich bun. I waited about 5 minutes for my waitress to come back to check on our table but she never did or even if I saw her on the floor i'd flag her down but never saw her. Thankfully my friend ordered a wrap and she shared her other half with me so I could have something to eat after waiting now for over an hour just to eat. 10 mins later she walked over to give me our check and said my manager took the fries off and I went on to explain "well now plz go back and tell him to take the sandwich off as this hair was under my sandwich, and I would of told you this immediately if you would of come back to our table to check to see if everything was ok." the manager came over and spoke to us as if he really could of cared less but "assured" me he'd talk to his kitchen staff. He came back a few mins later to take the plate and give me my bill with the new total. Even after explaining to him about the time we spent waiting and the dissatisfaction of the service all the way around he still charged me for my $6 appetizer rather then comping the whole bill. I've placed a call to corporate about my experience at this location. I would never recommend anyone to go to this location ever!!

Mar 08, 2017

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