Hooters of America / service

AWFUL SERVICE in Harlingen, Tx. this evening 6-5-18 @ 6-8 p.m... as 4 Combat veterans we appreciated the discount... but our Service was ridiculously awful... took at least 35 min after ordering to get service and that's cause there was minimal patrons there. The guy next to us ordered 1 beer and as the bar keep walked around she (Kassandra) never tended or acknowledged him for 45 min. after his initial beer and that's cause there was only approximately 12 other patrons around the bar...I personally approached the "Manager" Brianna to help out and to take my food and beer order... to no avail...WOW...!!! To be able to touch an audible ear in upper upper management would be great to get some justice more so this established...WHAT A SHAME HOOTERS... WHAT A SHAME...!!!

Jun 05, 2018

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