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Philadelphia, PA, United States
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Last night (June 26, 2017 approx. 9-9:30pm), My wife, granddaughter and myself arrived at the Hooter's located at 9183 E. Roosevelt Blvd. where we always go. We've had some bad service experiences previously at this location but, it was for reasons out of their control such as short-handed (call outs, etc.). This time we sat at a booth next to what appears to be a celebration for someone's birthday approx. 10 people at grouped tables. Other than that party the restaurant was pretty empty. We sat and watched servers walk around, even one I watched standing around in the side kitchen area. After about 15 minutes of no one approaching or even acknowledging us, I asked the server that was serving the party next to us if anyone was handling the area where we were sitting and she stated oh, we just changed shifts and in "rotation"? She also stated she will find our server. I saw her speak to another server in the side kitchen area, they looked out in our direction and that was it, she never came out to us. This was another 10 minutes gone by when the server who was busy with the party came back to us and gave us menus and my granddaughter a kid's mat w/crayons, she then went to attend the party she was serving. So, we waited some more until I became infuriated and walked up to the side kitchen door and asked the service who was hanging out there to please have her Mgr. come out. I went back to table and stood next to it and awaited a Mgr. who never appeared for another 5 mins. I gathered my family and as we were leaving out the door a server arrived to the table in front of where we were and another couple had just sat and began to give them menus and talk to them!!! Out of all the many times we visited this restaurant I don't think we ever had that server so I didn't think it was personal, . Besides, if we had she would have been delighted...we always tip 20% or more! Was this a case of profiling from the servers as to who decides they want to wait on my family? I was truly disappointed by this experience. We left and drove up the boulevard (approx. 1-1/2 blocks) to Buffalo Wild Wings and had an enjoyable meal with great service, they too were not very busy! This is how a company lose valuable customers to the competition and I don't have to tell you how word of mouth hurts a business.
I request you check the cameras for the times I gave you for last night and see how long we waited and how no one ever acknowledged us until I asked the busy server and how the Mgr never came out while we were there and the server coming over after we already headed for the door and start helping the newly arrived couple!

I would like a reply after your investigation please;

Howard Q. Walker Sr.
45 e. City Ave. #343
Bala Cynwyd, PA., 19004

Jun 27, 2017

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