Honda Financial / Car Lease

TX, United States

I just went through an absolute nightmare 3 weeks ago with the unexpected death of my father. He had a Honda Accord on lease for another year and i contacted Honda Financial Services about what needed to be done with his car. The person i dealt with over the next week was Cameron at Honda Financial. He was very sympathetic and extremely helpful in expediting this situation. I was told by Cameron, since my father's car was only in his name that we simply have to turn the car into a dealership and they would close out his account. He explained that with the closing of the account that everything would be zero'd out. We dropped the car off at the dealership in town and signed a couple papers verifying that it was turned over to Honda. Today, I received a certified letter notification for my father, in his name???? The letter stated that his account was in "default" and that all charges after the sale of the vehicle will be sent to him. I immediately contacted the number listed for Honda Financial and talked to a Seth, a customer service representative. Seth is the epitome of bad customer service reps. He hung up on me the first time because he had no idea how to handle the situation. I called back immediately and somehow got him again. I asked him why he hung up on me, his response was, "i thought you hung up on me?" I was blown away and asked for his supervisor, to my surprise again, he hung up. I called back and unfortunately don't remember the person i got the third time, but it was a man again. This time he had nothing but attitude towards me and refused to send me to any supervisor or manager. He then explained that he doesn't see where i am authorized under my deceased father's account. I am seeing red at this moment. Now, i won't lie, i did lose my cool at this point and ended up hanging up on this representative. I am just appalled of the lack of customer service and complete lack of sincerity to the situation. I have tried to locate a corporate number to no avail. I am sick to my stomach over this situation.
Thanks Honda Financial you have made this very tough time in my life a treat!!!

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