Honda Financial Servicesrefund and documents

We have been trying for 2 months now to get the maintenance contract that we cancelled refunded ($1, 600) back to us. Also, we have been trying to get all the required documents needed from Honda Financial so we can register our car in San Diego, CA. We moved to San Diego, CA from Texas over 2 months ago and we have been trying for 2 months now to get all of this completed, but every time we call no one is at their desks and when we do talk with Rachael Keller she tells us that she is working on it, but nothing gets completed and then we have to call her back again and again. We have called her 7 times in the past month (Oct 6, Oct 10, Oct 22, Oct 27, Oct 30, Nov 3, and Nov 6) and we still do NOT have the required documents to register our car and we still do NOT have our $1, 600 refund. This is in addition to calling the local Honda dealership as well. We have been dealing with Rachael Keller and nothing is getting done. We keep getting the run around and excuses and our next step after contacting the BBB is the Attorney Generals Office, Consumer Affairs, and then if this matter is not resolved we will be hiring an attorney to resolve it. We just want all of the required documents needed so we can register our vehicle AND we want our $1, 600 refunded to us! We have waited and called now for 2 months and nothing has been completed. We now run the risk of having to pay a penalty for not registering our vehicle within the required legal time frame because Rachael Keller has not sent us all of the documents that we requested that are needed to register it. WORST experience dealing with a company!!! DO NOT use Honda Financial Services to lease or buy your vehicle!!!

Nov 06, 2014

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