Honda Financial Servicesmy vehicle and their horrible service crooks!!!

Make a long story short. Iam handicapple / disable on and have alot of medical issues. I made payments for 3 years on my car / ran into very serious medical issues almost died 3 times / I asked honda to help / they didnt care. They have no regards for human life / so they just took my car!!! I asked them to please refinance. They said they dont what!!!. If they would have told me this when I bought the car I wouldnt have because my payments were 402 dollars amonth crooks!!!. So now they have my car plus 15, 000 dollars that I paid into it. Liers cheaters / no regard for human life. Pieces of human trash / please dont ever buy anything from these lying people they will do anything to sell that junk car. Besides I really never liked it so rott you horrible people / give me back my car with a refinance they wont / iam crippled now and need that for doctors. Just a full damn unprofessional company with no regard for life

Apr 17, 2016

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