Honda Financial ServicesI have extended my lease and was overcharged by honda financial services

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I have leased a 2015 Honda civic. Upon maturity, I have an agreement to extend the lease for another six months at the same contractual terms of $155.00 a month.
However, I got a bill for January 7, 2019, demanding an overcharged amount of $165.85, which is a violation of the Agreement.

I called customer service of Honda financial services, and they argued that they added $10.85 as sales tax, but they are refusing to state on the bill that they charged me sales tax.

The agreement clearly states $0.00 for sales tax.
Also, the dealer, where I leased the car, told me that the sales tax, if any, are already included in the monthly charge of $155.00.

I believe Honda Financial are defrauding me and they increased my monthly charge in violation of the agreement.
I appreciate very much if you can correct this overcharge.

Dec 26, 2018

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