Honda Financial / Rip off palace

United States

Do not take your vehicle to Bowie Honda for repair unless you have a warranty. The service department, while friendly and professional, will smile in your face and rip you off concurrently.

My "check engine" light was on and I took 2006 Honda Element to determine the problem. In the end, I ended up paying about $500 ($497.17) for parts and service that should have been signifcantly less.

Charge included $99.95 for a 'diagnosis' and $25.10 for 'shop supplies for repair order'(aka the Bowie Honda big screw). Shall I mention the exorbitant mark-up for labor? They were in such a rush to stick it to me that they forgot to provide 'courtesy wash' even though invoice said they did. Can you say: "never again!?" I can. Ken Dixon Honda in Charles County is more reputable.


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