Honda Financial / Dishonest crooks

United States

Me and my wife traded in our 2007 Honda for a 2010 Nissan at Coral Springs Auto Mall in Florida. We had 6 months left on our honda lease so we paid it early. We gave the car back to the dealer, where we leased it. They told us, dont worry, we will take care of everything. That was on March 28, 2010. I kept getting bills from honda so i called. Honda told me that the dealer has not called to turn vehicle in, this was on June 9th. I call dealer to find out whats up. They say, Dont Worry, we will take care of it.

3 weeks later i get a $1400 bill in the mail with no description. I call honda and they tell me the oneplus seat was missing, the mini seat in second row on a odyssey. It was, my wife took it out the day we leased it. We forgot to put it back in when we turned it. I told them i had it and that i would drop it off at dealer. I was told that i could not, they had to find out where the car was and that they would call me back. Ya right, i had to call back to find out that they would not take the seat back and i owe $1400. I fought with them for a week with no results. Finally i got the inspection report in the mail. The ### who inspected it wrote down the wrong seat. So i am being charged for the left center seat, not the oneplus seat. Only a $800 difference in cost. I will be on the phone with them in the am. Lets see what they have to say. They are the rudest and most unprofessional people i have ever dealt with. If it comes to it, i may have to sue them. DO not buy a Honda, and do not buy a car from Coral Springs Auto Mall. The dealer refuses to help and told me to not call again after i bought 2 cars from them.

Good luck to you all. I will be looking for a class action lawyer to file a major suit against them when this is over.:


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