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My Money for vacation ID HA-T5V7KC property #781465, 45 days later still sitting in Homeaway bank never transferred to homeowner, so I had to write another $1600.00 check for this stay, a duplicate payment. Citi bank had this as a dispute already, so by chain of necessary events, that homeaway has done many of this per Citi bank, once form is completed the monies would have been seen in their bank on 01-28-17 at 7:59am. However, nobody at Citi has completed the dispute form, so monies have sat. However, homeowner wanted me to send him a check which Brendan Kuhlkin did so on 3/10/2017. I want be on phone with home away again, not one person and hours understood what I was talking about asking for more money. At this point since my monies, have been paid by check to Brendan Kuhlkin in full, Homeaway send the monies back in full of $1, 734.38 to Citi Bank Credit card.
Thank You,
Theresa Utt

Mar 12, 2017

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