Home WarrantyHome Warranty Fraud

A week ago my furnace started making loud noises and I called my home warranty company National Home Protection (NHP) to have someone come out and fix the noise. NHP sent out a Furance Technician who looked at the issue and decided that the bearings were going bad within the Furnace motor/blower and the motor/blower had to be replaced. The technician called NHP and after discussing the issue with NHP came in and said that they would need maintenance records for the furnace before approving the repairs.

I just bought the house 2 months before and have had no maintenance on the house utilities; so, as a substitute they said I should send in the Home Inspection documents to include everything regarding the furnace and the page before and after. I faxed in the documents, called to ensure they recieved them and was told I would hear back in 24-48 hours. After 1 week I called them to find out the status as they did not call me as promised, only to find out that they had denied the claim because 1) there was not proper maintenance records and 2) the furance was not inoperable, they only repair things which are inoperable and not things which are broken, but yet working in a reduced capacity.

This is my second claim with NHP the first took 1 month to fix a water heater which the thermostat was broken after going through about 4 contractors.

This company has terrible service and makes it a practice to make repairs difficult or impossible to discourage payouts. Fortunately spring is here and I don't have to worry about my family freezing from the furnace issues, but will now have to pay $500 out of my own pocket to get the repairs - not to mention the $45 I had to pay for the initial contractor to review the issue.

Please stay away from this company and find a Home Warranty company which is more reputable.

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