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I recently placed a claim with HSA due to a leak coming from the drain area in the tub. The technician was sent to my home and he showed every step of his diagnosis. He showed me what was leaking and walked me through the repair step by step. He collected the $75 “trade call fee” and gave me a receipt and explanation of the work needed in writing. He then left and said he would submit his report to HSA and they send him back to make the repair. He said it would be covered because I had waste and drain coverage.
The next day someone from HSA contacted and said that some of the costs associated with the repair would not be covered and they needed me to agree to pay that before they could send the technician back to complete the work. When I asked for more details I was told that they only cover the part that is mechanically failing and I would have to cover the rest. They said that that I would need to pay for the overflow pipe and that parts and labor would be $200. In addition they said that I needed to pay another $279 dollars for parts and labor for 4 additional feet of new pipe that needed to be upgraded to PVC. When I asked what they were going to cover they said they would cover the part that is mechanically failing at a cost $130. When I asked what part was mechanically failing they said the tub waste overflow.
I tried to explain that a tub waste overflow includes the overflow pipe and all other parts needed to make this repair they just kept saying saying that the pipes weren’t failing so the pipes weren't covered. Obviously no one answering their phones knows anything at all about even basing plumbing. I even tried to get someone to look it up on the internet. Seriously if you type “tub waste overflow” into a search engine you can clearly see what it includes.
Then I asked about the additional 4 feet of new pipe that needed to be upgraded to PVC. They said their technician said it needed to be done in order to complete the repair. I told them that all of the pipes were already PVC. Then I was told that they have to go with what their technician tells them. I went through the repair step by step with the technician and he never showed or told me about any pipe that needed to be upgraded. In addition his written receipt and description do not mention this 4 feet of new pipe. Only a tub waste overflow.
I even took photos of the all the pipes in question and the receipt and description from the technician.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in winstonsalem, NC When I asked for an email address so that I could send them the info for them to look over they refused to even give me an email address. After talking to multiple representatives and supposed supervisors I turned to the BBB hoping for some time of mediation and common sense.
I filed my complaint with the BBB stating that I “simply want HSA to have the leak repaired. If they will not cover the full cost I would like an itemized, detailed, explanation showing what parts and labor they are covering and their cost, along with what parts and labor I am being asked to cover and their cost.” The response I received from them is as follows:

“The HSA contract covers only the primary failure, which is the waste and overflow component part. In order to replace this, the existing piping is not compatible for the proper repairs to be done and needs to be replaced.  As the existing piping is not failing, this replacement piping is not covered per the terms and conditions on the contract.
Homeowner--$200 for parts and labor for the overflow pipe, $295 for parts and labor of approximately 4 feet of new piping that needs to be upgraded to PVC piping.
HSA-$130 for a flat rate for these repairs.”

They still included work that is unnecessary and over priced and still refuse to explain exactly what they claim to be covering instead referring to it as a flat rate. I rejected their offer but it in a spirit of compromise born from a desire to have the repair complete I agreed to accept a check for the $130 and handle the repairs myself. In response to my effort to work things out:

“The homeowner should have paid the $75.00 deductible to the vendor at the time of diagnosis.  The $130 is before the deductible, so the reimbursement amount is $55.”

 HSA promptly refused to pay full $130 instead saying they would subtract the $75 service trade call fee I had paid from their part of the bill and only give me $55.
I have also rejected the $55 and I am insisting on at minimum the full $130. This is in spite of the fact I still feel they should cover the entire repair, but it least it would cover the parts that are actually needed. I am still trying to resolve this issue as write this review and the outcome is yet to be known.
In short DO NOT purchase a warranty from HSA and if you are offered one by a seller just ask for the $500 in cash or request it be purchased from another company.

Feb 06, 2015
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  • Jj
      Apr 09, 2009
    Home Warranty - Scam - Do not be a victim
    Choice Home Warranty
    New York
    United States

    They are running a limited time only special $100 off! They must be starting to feel some pressure, and know their scam has just about run its course...if anyone knows of another way to protect other unsuspecting souls, let me know.

    Don't be a victim!

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  • Jo
      Nov 26, 2011
    Home Warranty - Refund from Cancellation
    Choice Home Warranty
    New Jersey
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    Called for service and got run around so I cancelled service and issued written notice per contract agreement. Requested refund on pro-rata basis per contract agreement and have NOT received my refund and they fail to answer emails or return calls. I have had contracts with several other such companies with no problems, this is the worse company I have ever done business with and would not recommend to anyone!

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  • Ap
      Dec 17, 2011
    Home Warranty - Not Reputable at all!
    Choice Home Warranty
    United States

    CHOICE HOME WARRANTY .. DOES NOT PAY the service people that do their warranty work! They have stolen thousands of dollars in services from my company!
    They are not reputable at all! They lie and steal!
    Tell everyone you know.. I am that's for sure!

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  • Pa
      Jan 13, 2012

    They did the same to me ! We did the work, paid for the materials, and filed all of the required documents as per their guidelines, yet they have not paid me. At present they owe me more than $6000. Stanley Goodspeed seems to be the front man for this fraud. I have sent dozens of emails to all of their corporate officers and none of them has has responded. AVOID CHIOCE HOME WARRANTY or you will be sorry.
    Jim Russell Paradise Pool Services Plano Texas [protected]

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  • Ma
      Oct 22, 2014
    Home Warranty - poor service
    American home shield
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    The worst service ever. Took a month to get door opener and washer fixed. Customer service is nothing but rude. Call all complaints to Mark Barry at corporate [protected]. He can also be reached at [protected], ask for the president's office to leave a message.

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