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I wish I would read about this company before buying coverage for my home appliances . This company is absolutely a fraudulent company that at the time of selling you coverage they mislead you intentionally. verbally that they will pay for all the cost of repairs on major home appliances and specially A/C units, even will pay for freon etc... and after you buy and pay them then they will send
you policy which basically they are not liable for any cost of repair because they have this EXCLUSSION version in the policy that states they are not paying for almost all the components of the any appliances !!! so makes u wonder then WHAT IS COVRRED !!!?
for example a refrigerators leak, ice maker problem, lights, hinges, doors, etc... is not covered . lately my a/c unit stopped working, was bad compressor they sent a tech. it was a bad compressor, paid 45 dollars, I was lucky that the compressor was under warranty so we received the part and thinking they will pay for the labor and material ... DREAM ON!!! they are a bunch of
scams that are trained how to find excuses for denying of a claim, which in my case they said just because the compressor
was under warranty with manufacture they are not paying NOTHING . People, , , be aware this company . there is a ton of
complaint against them . we all should file a lawsuit against them because they are rubbing our money. I had to pay for the entire cost of labor and material for installing new compressor while having insurance coverage for my unit !!!

Oct 09, 2014
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