Home Depotwebsite ordering

R Nov 21, 2017

I went online to place an order that was to be shipped to and picked up at particular store. I made sure that I put in my ZIP code and selected the proper store to make sure it was correct. One item was to be shipped and two were pickup. When the order was placed I found out later that one item was shipped to me as requested, one item was to be picked up at the correct store and the most important item was to be picked up at a different store . For some reason your software insists on defaulting to a store that I do not use.
When I contacted Hone depot I was told that neither store could make any changes and company internet personel couldn't make any changes until after the order was shipped. An associate reached out to the stores on my behalf to see if something could be done. I am hoping that this can be resolved without having to cancel my order or sending someone to the other store to pick up the item. Your people are great. Your web site needs work . It is so mechanized that you cant get to a real person without going thru hell.

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