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Home Depot / credit card address error

1 VT, United States Review updated:

I bought an old house four years ago that i have been slowly remodeling. I had spent close to $80, 000 in purchases from Home Depot over that time period using my visa card. I opened a Home Depot card to get a discount one time. I never activated the card so they (Home Depot Credit declare it lost/stolen). When I tried to use it they informed me of that so destroyed the card and they were more than happy to open another card for me right on the spot so I could get my discount on a chop saw. I never had to fill out another application...very easy at the time. Several months later i'm getting weird calls from Home Depot that sounded to me like telemarketing calls so i was very short with them, "thanks but no thanks and take me off your call list". Well eventually i learned that it was a home depot credit card company collection agency. they had reopened my credit card so i could get the discount on the chop saw but used a previous address (five years old) not my current address. I have a fantastic credit score, i've spent $80, 000 at there store and they're treating me like a deadbeat. I was pissed. They have my SSN from my previous credit card and my current address because they send my stuff all the time and i also had a contractor credit card with them. I immdediately attempted to resolve the matter on the phone, i offered to give them another credit card number to pay for the saw but they said that the only way i can do it over the phone was if i gave them my bank routing and account numbers...i told them there was no way i'm going to be giving out that info to them. I also said that they is no way i'm paying late fees and finance charges given that i considered this their fault. They were ok with that so i went to the customer service desk at Home Depot to pay off the saw but she needed my card number, i said i never recieved a card because they probably sent it to an old address and she could not contact a human at the credit department without a credit card number. She effectively through up her hands and said sorry. I told her to dial the number again and give me the phone. I kept hitting zero when prompted for the number and eventually got a CS person. I once again explained the situation and she told me the amount to write the check for and to simply put my SSN on the check and the service desk person should be able to accept the check...i hung up. well that turned out to not be the case, the service desk person didnt seem to be well versed in that process so i once again had to jump through hoops on the phone to get the credit card person back. I handed the phone back to the girl behind the counter and she eventually accepted the payment. So i thought this unpleasant matter was behind, today i am still getting robo calls from the home depot credit bureau/collection agency. i called home depot pissed and they said that they are not responsible. I tell them that they're name is on the card. They have contracted with the credit card company. They make money from my credit card purchases with that card. They offer discounts to use that card. They accept payments for purchases on that card. I would say that they have some skin in the game when it comes to how that credit card company does business and how it treats Home Depot customers.

Anyway, Home Depot is the last place i will choose to do my shopping in the future. I've had other bad experiences in the stores but this one finally pushed me over the edge.

Old Bennington, Vermont

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  • Ft
      28th of Mar, 2009
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    I have had a HD Card for over a year...I was accidentally late on a payment this week and started getting robo calls immediately. I finally got a call from a live person and proceeded to let him know that I had posted a payment online after the first call - 2 days earlier - and then I told him to put it in their system that he and his telephone harassment pals could ### off.
    I will pay this card off this month and NEVER use it again, and I will NEVER shop in a Home Depot again either.

  • Ti
      9th of May, 2009
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    I can top everything. I have had a card for 3 years. I have never been late one time. I even bought some zero interest for 12 month stuff and didn't get it paid off in time so all the interest hint. I blame myself for the mistake. I paid accordingly because it was my fault. So, I got laid off 3 weeks ago. I called Citibank (they run Home Depot's program) the next day. They informed me that there was nothing they could do to work with me because I was on time and the account had to go past due before they could work with me (DUMB COMMENT #1). So, I called when the account went past due. They then told me that they could put me on a program. Ready for this...I could close the account, pay $100 a month MORE on my payment for 6 months and that would help me. (DUMB COMMENT #2). So apparently, even though I have $70k a year less income, adding $100 a month to my payment is some big help that I should be thankful for!!! Finally, I got a supervisor on the line. He told me that because of my perfect payment history, I don't qualify for other programs (DUM COMMENT #3). Apparently, you have to have really bad credit with them to get any kind of help. He then tells me that the only way I can get the payment lowered would be to go to a Credit Counseling service. I am trying to work with them to avoid hurting my credit and make sure they get all that is due to them. They want me to go to a Counseling service that will actually cause them to get less money. Additionally, I have spent nearly $10k with HD in the past 3 years. Now, because of their actions, I will become a loyal Lowe's customer. People wonder why banks are failing? It is this kind of stupidity that causes it!!! Don't shop at HD and NEVER USE any kind of CITI Card.

  • Tr
      11th of Feb, 2013
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    My husband got a Home Depot card a few years doesn't matter if he is putting payments on it late or on time because Home Depot calls every single flippin day anyway. They don't just call once. They start calling at 8:30am all the way up to 8:30pm and even on weekends. I have tried being nice and asked them not to call 10 times a day everyday and def not after 8pm, they don't listen. I have tried being mean and yelling at them...also doesn't work. There must be something that I can do to stop these harassing calls. I'm so sick and tired of these people. I will not shop at Home Depot ever again...I have advised every person I know to never ever get a card with them. Ill deal with Lowes any day of the week over Home Depot. I am almost tempted to cancel my home phone line because I can't take the calls anymore as I'm 8 months pregnant and on sick leave from work. I hope anyone reading this takes my advice and stays away from Home Depot. Seriously people...they are relentless.

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