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In May, I purchased a washer and pedestal. Installation was included. During delivery, my wife was incorrectly told by delivery personnel that the washer was a combo washer and dryer so she refused delivery. I then had to reorder the washer and pedestal. Washer was delivered first and set up by the delivery personnel who assured us that when the pedestal arrives later the washer would be installed on the pedestal. When the pedestal came the delivery personnel refused to to install it. They told us that once the washer was in use they couldn't lay it on its side to install the pedestal and if they did it would void the warranty. I went to Home Depot myself and was told I'd be contacted about getting it installed. One no ever called me. During this purchase customer service has been terrible.

If the washer and pedestal can't be installed by Home Depot then we want to return both. I'd like a definitive answer as to whether or not the washer can be put onto the pedestal without voiding the warranty.

Order - W717434290 and Order - [protected]

Jun 27, 2017

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