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Purchased a LG fridge/freezer from Home Depot on a Friday evening and salesperson advised that I would need to wait a full week till the following Saturday. GE (3rd party vendor) showed up but never came upstairs to knock on my door and by the time I got my shoes on they took off in their yellow truck and claimed that no one was home to the dispatcher. I was advised I would need to wait two weeks till the next available date 27th June was my scheduled delivery and the 7th July was the next available date. I told them to cancel.
Called the Bothell store and Ray said there was not much he could do, since that is Home Depot uses as their delivery service. He suggested I drive to the store and speak with the Manager to see what he could do. What's the point, I emptied everything out and cleared pathway to get this in place and my condo it now upside down with no fridge. Beware of the unprofessionalism of this GE service. I had a similar problem with my washer and driver damaged by the same service 6 months ago...


  •   Jul 01, 2009

    My name is Michael from The Home Depot customer care department and I just came across your post. I am very disappointed about what had happened and that we had let you down to say the least. I have documented what had happened as well as made the store aware of this. We appreciate your feedback as it is valuable for us to make changes to better serve our customers with the delivery companies that we currently have in place.
    Again, I am so sorry for what had happened and if I can be of further help to you, please feel free to contact me.

    Customer Care
    The Home Depot
    Atlanta, GA

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  • M
      Jul 03, 2009

    So I decided to give Home Depot another opportunity after the assistant manager Les reached out and promised I would have this fridge on Friday, 3rd July. I canceled the order from Sears that was scheduled for delivery on Sunday 5th July ( due to being promised that Home Depot would rectify the situation). Tuesday30th June Reggie in appliances told me to not refuse the fridge under any circumstances (the order was still wrong with the door hinge on the wrong side) and Asst Mgr. Les contacted me Wednesday, 1st July and assured me he, would follow-up with me on Thursday to make sure that GE confirmed my delivery window and on Friday to make sure the delivery went ok and to set up someone to correct my door. I never received confirmation from GE on Thursday 2nd July, so contacted them to find out that "Steve" from store #4712 ended up canceling the order with Dolly from LG in the morning and Dolly contacted GE to cancel the delivery. Les assured me on Wednesday not to refuse the fridge, regardless of the order being wrong for the door swing and he would follow-up the next day to make sure GE contacted me with a confirmation (which he never did - he was off on Thursday) and still has not contacted me to make sure the fridge was delivered with no conflicts.

    Steve said the Reggie left him a note to cancel the order immediately and then said that is how the store is, "too many hands on the pot and not uncommon."
    I can understand you have an internal problem with having to use third party vendors, however this was a total error on Home Depot's part and no one seems to follow-up. I never received an apology, acknowledgment or provided a solution to rectify the problem. Now two weeks later without a fridge. Should never have canceled my SEARS order, since Home Depot can't DELIVER!!

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      Jul 25, 2011

    I have had a TERRIBLE experience with Home Depot and their delivery service. Not only were we quoted three different amounts for the same appliances, they wouldn't honor the "policies" they like to brag about. After delaying our delivery the experience was anything but pleasant. The installation crew was very rude and tried to get snotty with me. To top it off, our dishwasher sat in the living room for two weeks while we called many times to see when the plumber was scheduled to come out. After several attempts at calling the store, we finally found that the plumber refused to come to our town unless we paid more. GET REAL! I already paid my installation fee. The least the plumber could have done was call us back the FIRST time to inform us we were out of his area. I would recommend the appliances we bought (all LG) but buy them from another store.

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  • D
      Sep 03, 2013

    I have no complaints about the customer service from my local Home Depot where I got assistance with an online purchase, but I won't purchase another appliance to have delivered and installed as long as they use their current delivery system (because the appliances were Frigidaire, GE is the company who contracted the delivery). SERPRO drivers delivered two appliances to my out of state rental property as a 'drive by', completely ignoring that I had paid for an install of the gas range - yes it was on the ticket and that they were to haul away two old appliances. The tenant wasn't sure what was going on and let the guy get away. Many, many frustrating phone calls and a week later, someone from SERPRO in Pensacola came out and installed the range. Then tenants left for a few hours and came back and smelled GAS! They immediately called the gas company and a tech came out and found that the fittings weren't tightened when the range was installed. This could have been a disaster but fortunately, the tenants were not hurt and no property was damaged. I've been trying to find out how and who to report this to but Home Depot says they can't give me names and GE is useless. I called SERPRO and was first told there wasn't an install at my address. When I pushed the issue they told me yes their was an install a week after the delivery (DUH). Still trying to contact the store manager to find out why they hire idiots who don't give a crap about the work they do, and who may be harmed by their failure to do a complete and thorough job. Don't these guys have to be licensed or something? So frustrated and disgusted. Sorry Home Depot. Get better contractors.

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