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On 11/29 I arrived in New York to vacation with friends, This was my first time visiting New York.The room was under my friends name Joann Ontherun so while waiting for my friends to arrive I asked if I could pay my portion of the room with was 273. They front desk was very accommodating and swiped my card. It should be noted Room 808. Went up to our room and left our bags and went sightseeing coming in late and going straight to bed. 11/30, The next morning I noticed I had slept in a bed and used a pillow with blood stains. I was appalled. left the bed in a disarray so the housekeeping would change the linens and left the pillow blood side up to ensure it would be changed. Came in late on 11/30 and the bed was made with the same linens stained with blood. I called manager and she took pictures as did I.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in New York, NY She apologized and said it was obviously blood. The housekeeping failed at cleaning my bed. I have been very sick and was lucky to make the trip however I am so upset that I slept in a blood stained bed one night and due to lack of care I was about to sleep in it again. I would like a refund for the amount I spent. not the entire room. My roommate was fine with her bed, Mine was bloody. I have pictures. I do not feel a free breakfast pass is enough. I have thought about it and prayed for a week but I still feel your hotel should be held accountable for the lack od cleanliness and professionalism on housekeeping's part. I would like to close with saying that the front desk staff was very friendly and the door guys were helpful and kind.

Melissa Minjarez

I stayed at The Holiday Inn located on 8th Ave in New York.

Dec 13, 2017

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