Holiday Inn - Philadelphia Arena / rebooked my room to another guest but still charged me

PA, United States

I originally booked a 2 night stay at Holiday Inn through I asked if I could cancel my second night. agreed to this but I needed the OK from Holiday Inn. Holiday Inn tells me after my first night that it is likely OK, but they cannot confirm until Monday. I say OK well if it is NOT OK and I am going to be charged, I will stay there the second night. Early in the evening on the second night, someone else arrives to my room, who has been booked there. I go to the front desk, confused. I re-explain the situation. They tell me they have booked my room to someone else and have cancelled the reservation. They reassure me I will not to be charged. Now, one week later, I am being charged, despite my having to leave because they gave my room to someone else and promised I would not be charged. even called Holiday inn on my behalf. The GM [protected] has been hostile and belligerent, even cursing at me and refuses to refund my money for a night stay that I was not allowed to use.

Apr 02, 2013

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