Holiday INN / scam charges

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The Holiday Inn in NYC as well as various other hotels in the city allow non-guests to use their pool for a fee. I contacted them a week prior to verify the cost. I was told that it normally costs $60 dollars but after 3pm Monday through Sunday it costs $25 per person. I decided this weekend to take my mom and 7 year old niece. When we arrived the pool attendant asked for $60 for each of us. I explained that the person on the phone indicated that it was only $25 per person after 3pm and had we known he was going to charge the full $60 we would have come earlier. He refused to at least allow my mom to enter for $25 who was not even going to use the pool. It would be nice if we received some sort of compensation at least the $60 dollars for my mom who did not even utilize the facility and we only stayed for an hour maybe an hour and a half. The front desk at the lobby refused us the free passes or compensation the pool attendant indicated we would receive. I do not blame the Holiday Inn since the pool is a seperate business, however the pool attendants need to ensure that they give the correct information to the receptionists at the front desk when customers call.


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