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McCarran Airport Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

I first walked up to the counter and interrupted the three baristas' conversation regarding sausage with blood put into the sausage like some kind of delicacy. I work at a Starbucks and there is obviously no such thing. It took approximately 2 minutes for them to stop and acknowledge me. There was one female and two males. The one male went to the back and the female took my order while the other male made my drink. I was not asked if I had a Starbucks card or anything. I ordered a Trenta peach citrus white tea lemonade. It was for my husband. I asked the female if they honored the free drinks as I have six that will expire on November 1st. She said, oh, too late. You should have told me earlier. You can use it next time. Well, I'm not coming back before November 1st when they expire. So I grabbed my husband's drink and decided to then order my drink and use my rewards. I ordered a Trenta cool lime refresher with lemonade. No limes and berries instead. The male said he would charge me extra which we don't do in Arizona if you are trading a fruit for a fruit. He did not give me the limes that I paid for and only gave me a few berries when I asked for extra berries. When I got back to my husband which was five gates down, there was no lemonade in his drink. It seems like they didn't have any idea what they were doing and were only talking amongst themselves and I was an inconvenience. That's why it didn't look like they got any tips if they are allowed because their service was inadequate.

Oct 11, 2017

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