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Hitachi 55” Rear Projection LCD TV (55vs69a / Do not but a Hitachi

1 San Diego, CA, United States

From web page:Hitachi Global Support Form
Subject: Warranty help
Product Category: Television & Monitor Components

Question: To whom it may concern: I purchased a Hitachi 55” Rear Projection LCD TV (55VS69A) from Circuit City on May 26, 2007. At that time I also purchased the extended warranty protection. The two items were rung up separately so I had two receipts, one for the TV and one for the warranty. When Circuit City was closing their doors we took that receipt into the store and asked what was being done with the warranty and they basically told us they were going out of business and we were out of luck. They said the warranty receipt was trash and we should just throw it away. So we did. I kept the receipt for the TV though which I am including a copy of with this letter. My TV is now 3 years old and the optical block is failing. I had a technician from North County Servicenter, Inc., that was recommended by your 800 number, come out and he told me this is a major component failure which shouldn’t be happening this early in the TV’s life. He also said he would be very surprised if Hitachi didn’t stand behind their product. I have since found out that a company called Assurant has taken over the warranty’s sold by Circuit City so I have been in contact with them but they are telling me they have no record of our warranty and I have been told that some stores were selling extended warranty contracts but not actually issuing them and they were not reported once Assurant took over the contracts. So I am getting the complete run around by them. I called Hitachi again today and spoke with Jennifer, operator #30053, and she told me that Hitachi would only stand behind a 1 year warranty and after that it is my responsibility. She was not very helpful and when I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told I could not and that all I can do is write to you at Customer Service Appeals. I am shocked at the poor customer service I am receiving. I have been a Sony customer for years because their products last and their customer service has always been kind and helpful. I bought a Hitachi because I had seen good reviews for this TV but being that it is only 3 years old and I am having major component failure and basically being told that I am out of luck, I am deeply disappointed. I would expect that Hitachi would stand behind their product when the company they allowed to represent them (Circuit City) has failed so miserably and apparently became a dishonest company. I would appreciate you helping me out in this matter and covering the repair under warranty. A TV that is only 3 years old should not have a major failure. That is unacceptable. Leaving me responsible for a $600 part plus labor is poor customer service, poor quality assurance and poor business. My contact information is listed below and I would appreciate your quick response. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

According to the last email we received from you, we have spoken with you regarding the issue with your television. Our response is unfortunately the same as the telephone conversation. We are not able to provide assistance with repairs for your set due to the age of the unit and the time since the expiration of the original one year Hitachi Warranty.
Once this documentation has been provided to the address given, your case will be reviewed by a committee and you will receive a written response within twenty-one business days from the date the appeal documents are received. No further telephone calls or emails will be accepted at this time and if you do initiate contact, we will only be able to refer again that you contact the Appeals Committee.
Matt, Hitachi America, Ltd.
Digital Media Division

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