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Dear All,

Please don't reply to contests published in Hindustan times, they are merely making money by each SMS costing Rs. 3.0 Minimum. After reply they can say that you have won, & SMS again to give your Name & Address.
I have 2 such SMS saved in my mobile phone in which they said that you have won the gift, but so fat no gift is received after several reminders to them thru email.
Details are as below:
1) In the month of June'09, HT placed ad of its own regarding some cricket related contest, in which I sent SMS & received a message back on 12th June'09 that I won a gift, no gift received so far.
2) In an'2010 a contest of Fiama Di Wills published, I sent SMSs for it, I received a message on21.01.09 that your prize will be sent within 15 days, so far no prize is eceived.

Rajiv Kumar Gupta

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