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Hillarys Blinds / not recommended

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I arranged for Hillarys blinds to come out and give me an estimate for blinds. I ordered in November 2007, after hundreds of telephone calls, the blind arrived in first of week of Jan 2008. This is totally against their advertising which states they fit before Christmas or within 14 days of order. On the day the the blind arrived, the fitter realized just before fitting, that the blinds are of wrong size. This would mean the correct ones would have to be sent for fitting. The fitter had trouble getting through to the company on his mobile. Another week had gone by, I then phoned Hillary's, the telephonist was Wain, he was unhelpful and rude and said that no replacement has been ordered, and suggested whether I want to cancel the order. After waiting all this time he suggests that I cancel the order. I telephoned the fitter, he said he has discussed this with Hillary's and a replacement was ordered.

After many calls to Hillary's almost every day, the fitter arrived with the replacement blind on Jan 31st 2008, and susprise surprise they have sent the same incorrect size blind back. The fitter was furious, he phoned Hillary's straight away, again they were not helpful to him. He was told to contact his area manager to solve this problem. This means further delay for us.

The Company which advertises to fit blinds before Christmas or within 14 days could not fit one blind in 3 months. The service is extremely substandard, I strongly urge people not to get involved with Hillary's Blinds.

I have been let down by Hillarys not fulfilling the order correctly, by the fitter not contacting responding to my calls, and at Hillary's no one returns your calls. Wrong size blind received twice. We are once again waiting for the blind and the fitter to arrive. Will it be the correct size, correct color, will it fit???

Hillary's Blinds advertising is completely misleading and false. What can the consumers do, with this kind of poor service.

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  • Us
      17th of Sep, 2009
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    I am having the same problems with their customer care and attitude. advisor not answering my calls - I am constantly playing telephone tennis with head office only to be told that I must speak to the advisor - I only wish I could!

    I was promised my blinds would be fitted within two weeks - they are for my mother-in-law who suffers from alzheimers and has just moved house - the order was only made because I was assured the fitting would take place within this time limit. I only wish I checked these forums before I made my order. I am telling everybody to never use this company!!!

  • Rm
      5th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Rubbish, bad quality, bad measuring, they even fit burnt and scorched fabric!!!

    Their humberside rep. is a joke, go elsewhere, please give me my money back hillarys...

    No chance I know, but go elsewhere, hillarys are a rip-off

  • Sp
      12th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    placed an order with hillarys 4 jan 09 was told they would be made up and fitted in 14 days, its now the 12 march 2010 and still no blinds. They have been lost and the colour off wood i want is out off stock till the 18 march. they won't be made up for two weeks after this date and sent two weeks after that. that will be end off april/may 2010. this is a joke no phone call's to update me on the order no e~mail nothing, the company is a [censored]ing joking GREAT customer care i dont think. they will take the order and fed you lies after lies just to keep you hanging on for what... hahahaha joke'sssss

  • Ca
      28th of Apr, 2010
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    I wish I had found this site before ordering through Hillarys Blinds. I ordered a very small velux blind for my babies nursery. Some 5 weeks since the visit there is still no sign of the blind. It has taken 3 visits from their rep, endless telephone calls and a lot of frustration. Firstly the rep didn't attend with the right sample products despite my clearly specifying what I wanted. He then quoted £52 for the blind but when he returned, after being chased, with the right samples the price mysteriously increased to £72 with an eventual compromise on £60. He then agreed to fit it within 14 days but then went to ground. When eventually I got hold of him he turned up 21 days after the order was placed spent 1.5 hours trying to fit the blind before realising it was the wrong size. He has now gone to ground again and when I try to get a response from Customer services they deliberatly speak over me( the ulimate in offensive customer services) and then refuse to pass on any messages to the rep.
    I will never ever use them again and will make sure that I advise all friends not to go near them.

  • G4
      21st of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    hillarys blinds adverise on the television at present it says 50% off every blind
    check the small print its not 50% of every blind

  • Sa
      11th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Couldn't agree more with all of the comnments that I've read - if ONLY I'd read them before we had the work done by Hillarys in July adn Sep 2009. Roof blinds were fitted to our conservatory and after a few weeks the strings started to sag. It looked so amateurish - DIY at its worst. We have been contacting Hillarys with depressing regularity since October 2009 to no effect.

    I would never ever do any business with these people again - to my mind they are thieves, cheats and liars and never even bother to respond to the complaints that they receive.

  • Te
      28th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Why didn't I see this before ordering from hillarys. Their measurements are so rubbish, their so called blackout blinds don't black out anything. I have had to cello tape my sons blinds to the frame of the window so that there's less light coming in. I ring them and they tell me the supervisor said there is nothing wrong with it, can u imagine. And I'm like so me, the customer that just paid £500 for blinds is wrong? And she said there is nothing she can do! Can u imagine. I'm soooooo upset right now, I think I am going to watch dog cos this is ridiculous!!!

  • La
      11th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    Wish I had seen this before spending my hard earned money on blinds throughout entire house from Hillary's. Same problems with incorrect measurement, damaged blinds (cords hanging loose prior to fit, fitter advised will just cut them off!) And terrible customer service. One very large and heavy blind, came crashing down approx one month after fit, scratching my brand new windows. (Lucky I wasn't injured) Numerous unacknowledged / unreturned calls upon unlikely is it that I will receive any sort of compensation. Just acknowledgement would be something! Would definitely not recommend, their treatment of customers is terrible.

  • De
      11th of Sep, 2014
    0 Votes

    Still waiting for shutters to be fitted. 6 months thale b fitted thay said wudnt give me my deposit back sent someone round to fit shutter who I had to ask did he work for hillarys he had nooooo idea what to do but then shutters were faulty. Woman leanah on phone was rude Neva Neva Neva have anything to do with this company

  • Lu
      6th of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    They fitted shutters for me so badly that I can now no longer open my balcony door. They never came to fix the problem despite endless phone calls. Anyone know what rights we have to against these people? I feel totally ripped off!

  • Sy
      17th of Mar, 2016
    +1 Votes

    Do not buy from Hillarys - their Shutters do not work after the guarantee period is up...they are rude when you try to address - and then offer you a voucher to buy more faulty products from them...STAY AWAY

  • Ge
      17th of Nov, 2017
    +1 Votes

    We had blinds fitter to the front of our house by Hillarys in November 2015. In early 2016 we noticed a couple of the blinds had started fraying so we rang the person Hillarys sent along to us when we first enquired about their blinds. He took our order and fitted the blinds and has always been our contact with Hillarys. When we complained to him about the fraying he said he would get it sorted with Hillarys. Over the next 6 months we had to call him several times and in the end contacted Hillarys direct. They did not want to know because their warranty is only for 1 year and they claimed we had not raised our complaint until July 2016. We disputed this and asked them to contact their salesman who during the past 6 months had spoken and visited with us several times and had even taken photos of the damaged blinds. They said he had not raised the matter with them and claimed they had tried twice to speak to us-when we called them about this they revealed they had called us on a "withheld number" phone and we explained that we had a call blocker on that was why they could not get through. They are just not interested and have left us with £1000 worth of blinds we are far from happy with.

  • Mi
      1st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @George7785 Did you get any where with your complaint? Im in the middle of trying to get my money back (or a replacement) for the shutters they have delivered which are the wrong colour. they are refusing to do anything though. Its awful.

  • In
      27th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    Hillarys blinds customer service falls very short!
    I have had hillarys blinds in my house for many years with no complaints.
    However my recent experience of dealing with their customer service leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I will never use or recommend them again.
    I recently had a very pleasant salesman come out and measure up for a venetian blind for a fairly large bedroom window. I said that I preferred to have something easily wipeable and preferably in the sale.
    I have metal blinds throughout my house which have served me well over the years. however it was suggested that the pvc coated blinds would be the most appropriate for my needs. I certainly liked the look of them but of course only had a very small sample to look at.
    Bearing in mind that I am only about 5' and weigh only seven and a half stone and the window is quite large, at no point did the salesman mention to me that this blind would be heavy!
    The blind was duly fitted and all seemed fine until I tried to pull it up and let it down. it was amazingly heavy and I could not manage it.
    I told customer services about my plight and also mentioned that I am recently widowed and have some health problems but the response I received was cold and uncaring saying that I had received the blind I had ordered and my personal situation was not their concern and nor should it be necessary for the salesperson to tell me how heavy the blind would be... I should know that for myself! yes... from a small sample?
    Now I am stuck with a £140 blind that I can neither pull up or down!
    Be warned: do not buy these blinds unless you are are strong enough to operate them... stick to the metal.

  • Mi
      1st of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @IngridQ I have had lots of problems with Hillarys, I've actually spent £1250 on shutters which have been delivered the wrong colour!! They are point blank refusing to do anything about it. Ive never been so frustrated and annoyed about anything in my life! They have delivered the wrong colour but because ethe paperwork matches the order then they wont do anything! £1250 wasted!! Ive contacted the ombudsman and my credit card to try and recover the money. Shocking company. Will never ever use again.

  • Ye
      14th of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    Ordered some shutters from Hillary's in July said they wouldn't b ready till October now it's November to fit. Rang to change order to roller blinds instead won't do it. Also only found out from calling that the shutters are apparently made in America! Never told me that before or I wouldn't have bothered in the first place! Happy to take your money & leave you waiting months & months!!! Bad service, don't tell you everything & fob you Off!

  • Ba
      20th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes

    Hillary's blinds in Ireland are just as bad. I ordered 3 sets of Roman blinds 2 years ago, one set was to have a special padding which I paid extra for. The padding wasnt in the blind and I was told I would get a refund - no offer to fix the problem - refund arrived 6 months later. The main bedroom blind has broken 3 times so far. On the last visit the fitter said the problem was in the manufacture and he would take them away - he rang the main office in my presence and they said 3 weeks to repair - I have a black sheet on the window now for 3 months and the fitter has gone AWOL, wont answer his phone, I got onto customer service EVENTUALLY last week (phone lines are always down) was told they would chase it up and call me back - NOTHING.. phone lines down again yesterday and today and the UK refuse to even speak to an Ireland customer. The living room blind broke 2 days after the fitter was last here and is stuck half way - I was told he would repair it when he came back with the repaired blind. So no fitted, blinds have gone missing, cannot get through to customer service - its a shocking way to run a business.

  • Ni
      6th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    I have also had problems with Hillary’s customer Service, firstly, I made two separate payments for my order just shy of £2k, now they have realised they may not have taken the full amount, well, they should keep a track of the balanced is paid on the last payment which was only two, then they said snooty emails, I’ve provided evidence of payment, no acknowledgement back from Hilary’s customer service, then get another snooty email. What makes it worse I’ve noted the fitters fixed the blinds to the UPVC Windows, which is not ok, secondly, the blind in the bathroom, was incorrect colour, the fitters didn’t even note this! now I could have kicked off about it but I didn’t, however, from my recent experience of rude customer service, I making this experience public. Do not use Hillary’s, due to poor fitting, poor customer service, in terms of mathematical skills(adding things up) and their emails.

    No apology so far from Hillary’s.

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