Hi Fi Corporationdstv hd single view decoder

I purchased a single view HD decoder form the Hi Fi corp store in Fourways crossing on the 28th April 2017. When I hooked it up at home (I didn't need an installer as it was a simple plug and play as I have a communal DStv outlet box in my apartment) I paid my subscription and was switched on by Multichoice only to find that every second channel had a problem with intermittant breakages in the sound. I called my body corporate who advised me to call an installer to come and check the connection to the dish. I was told that if it is a problem from the dish to the outlet box then the body corporate would carry the cost. However - if it was a problem from the outlet box to the decoder or with the decoder itself, I would have to pay the call out fee. The installer came and tested everything and informed me that the HDMi cable that came with the decoder was faulty. To prove this he plugged in the AV cable set and the sound was perfect on all channels but obviously not HD quality. I am now out of pocket for the call out fee and I now have to make my way to Hi Fi corp to change the HDMi cable. I called Hi FI corp Fourways (Ledin) who says he is not responsible for the call out fee. This is not fair.

May 05, 2017

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