Hewlett - Packard Recall Model DVD6000system burns out in two-yrs (ironically shortly after the warranty expire)

Dear Sir or Madam:

As a loyal HP customer, I bought a HP lab-top [Dvd pavilion 6000] about two years ago thinking I was set for a good 3 or 4 years, and boy was I so wrong.

The nice looking HP worked great for two years until it suddenly died on 7/12/09, with no previous symptoms/indicators, it will no longer boot up, it powers up, lights turn on, but the screen stays black.

I became very agitated because the warranty expired so I started searching the internet for solutions. However, I found that thousands of HP lab-tops are having the exact same problem! This problem seems to affect the entire HP Pavillion dvd-6000 model, the TX 100 family, and other pavilion models.

Upon my search I found out that no matter what cooling pad you use it still gets really hot. Well, that’s the problem, it seems that the defective Nvidia chipset is overheating and after some time (Ironically shortly after the warranty expire) it dies, rendering the lab-top unusable.

While having thoughts about taking legal action, I decided to contact a HP representative, their answer were surly what I was expecting, they indeed acknowledged the problem, and stated that it was a recall on the model, but once I made them aware that the warranty expired I was told that it would cost ($398.00) to have the problem resolved.

Can you please help investigate the matter to avoid being taken advantage of. This is clearly not an user cause issue!

Thank you in advance,

Lewis Terry
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