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Hewlett - Packard Products And Service / don't buy hewlett-packard!

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Please read below about our experiences with hewlett packard and do not purchase their products. This is the letter we sent the company:

You will recall the below letter that I sent you and your ceo several days ago. Be aware that I am now in the process of reporting you to every bad business or scam website that I can so anyone with a computer that works can see how you do business.

You need to be aware of an extremely unsatisfactory experience we have had with your company. I have already personally been relating my experience to other people and encouraging them not to purchase anything from hp, including so far this morning my bank (Which I was contacting to try and stop payment on an extension of my "warranty" on my expensive lemon of a computer) as well as one of our utility providers.

I purchased just over one year ago an hp pavillion zd8000 laptop computer. This is not a cheap computer and I was purchasing it in order to do my job as a medical transcriptionist remotely. Within one week I was sending it back to you because it would arbitrarily go into hybernation and not come out-would just lock up. None of the measures taken over the phone under the "guidance" of your "support" team worked and eventually we had to send this new computer in to be fixed. It took several days longer to get back than I was promised as it turned out because your staff could not find anything wrong, so they just ran some kind of "update" on it (An update on a new computer???). Due to issues related to falty information provided from the sales staff where we purchased the thing at circuit city (Not your fault) it took us months and several hundred dollars to get this computer adapted to the point where it was compatible with my employers systems. Now, it is doing the same thing. The very first thing we are told is that our warranty ran out 34 days prior and if we want any help we need to purchase an extended warranty to have it worked on again. My husband and I looked at other options but finally again our better judgement and with great reluctance last evening decided to do that. Only after purchasing the "warranty" were we told that it only covered virus protection and phone support-nothing else!! Your phone support tried to tell us that our ac adapter was bad and we needed to replace it (On a computer with very little use) which also bothers both my husband and I to have to purchase an ac adapter for an essentially new computer! This was not the problem as it turns out, anyway. Your support would not provide any other help. When my husband demanded through three different support people to speak to a supervisor no one would patch him through. He asked for a number to speak to someone in the united states (Since you obviously outsource american jobs and understanding many of these folks, while they are well intentioned, is very difficult) and after three phones calls and spending a couple of hours on the phone with your company, was finally provided with a number that was supposedly in the united states [protected]) which ran him around and ultimately sent him back to tech support.

I have had problems with your desktops in the past and now own a sony. I allowed myself to be talked into trying the laptop. It has been nothing but trouble. Your tech support is incompetent as well as dishonest. I will never again purchase a product from your company under any circumstances and I will work to get my money back on my so-called "warranty" extension. What a joke! I have a computer that was basically an expensive piece of crap right out of the box and it will not work. We are not going to pay you one penny more to send it to you since your staff apparently could not fix it the first time. My husband has also been relating his experience to a s many fellow employees as he can to loose you as much business as possible.

I can not express how unhappy we are. I wish I had just returned it or exchanged it right after I bought it, but now, believe me-i will never have to make that decision again because no one in this family will ever purchase another one of your products.

Please see that I am also forwarding a copy of this letter to my friends and family to make them aware of the issues we have had, and have already sent letters to my co-workers, all medical transcriptionists who make their living on their computers at home.

Don't buy hewlett packard!!


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