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A little over a year and a half ago I bought an HP Laptop (DV9000) it turns out there was an issue with the companies Motherboards (Actually many HP motherboards have this issue, which makes them fall apart easily. Just search around, there computers are crap). Anyways, I sent in the computer twice, the first time they just reinstalled windows but left the motherboard with known issues installed, the second time they replaced the motherboard with another motherboard of the same exact type (Even though they knew they were prone to breaking). At this point my computer was out of service for nearly 20 days due to sending it in repeatedly. HP then had the nerve to ask me to send it back again! They said "Well it's out of the normal warranty, but we've extended the warranty by two years" as if they were doing me a favor! They had to extend the warranty because there is class action lawsuits popping up over their PC's and way too many complaints. Before they became complete lemons they tried to cover themselves.

Anyways I filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint after telling HP I wasn't sending in my $1500 laptop for a third time! They basically blew me off.

Here is my full Better Business Bureau complaint against HP. Take my advice, buy a different brand, you'll see why below: I am so pissed my plans are to post this 1000 times on various forums and to build an HP Sucks Website with my programming and design Skills.

Complaint Description Posted To BBB - Posted 6/2/2009 9:49:19 AM

This problem extends nearly 2 years! In September 2007 and October 2007 my wife and I had to send a laptop back to HP to be repaired. The unit in question the HP Pavilion DV9000 CTO was known to have a bad motherboard which was to be replaced with a new motherboard model that would not have compatibility issues. On the first occasion they simply did a software reset and sent the item back, on the second occasion they replaced the motherboard with the EXACT same motherboard type originally in the device even though it was known to go bad in a relatively short period of time. They also did not update the bios to even try to fix the actual problems. Now still under warranty in 2009 (The laptop has so many issues with the motherboard they had to offer an additional 2 years on the warranty) they want us to once again send in the laptop for repairs and another motherboard. This has created a loss of wages as my wife uses the device for work and it has already been out of her hands for almost 20 days in total when shipping and repair times are included. HP has in no way attempted to actually fix the device instead relying on old worthless products.

Complaint Summary

Hewlett Packard has continually accepted a laptop back from me that has motherboard issues. The motherboard type is known to be defective.

Resolution Sought

Replace the laptop with a working device (same specs or higher) with a non-defective motherboard and have us send the old laptop back at the time we receive the working device so there will be no lost wages from my wife's engagements. Or Offer a local service call to fix the issue by replacing the motherboard and wireless card with non-defective offerings.

Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 06/23/2009
Hewlett Packard's Executive Office sent Mr. Johnson an email on 6/18/09 requesting the product #, serial #, proof of purchase and service ticket # (if he spoke with Tech Support). This information is necessary to review the warranty status. This information can be sent to cynthia.[protected]
Initial Response Summary
Hewlett Packard's Executive Office sent Mr. Johnson an email on 6/18/09 requesting the product #, serial #, proof of purchase and service ticket #.

Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 06/23/2009
The most recent Service Ticket Number is (Remitted for identity protection. HP Pavilion DV9000 CTO - S/N=Remitted for protection P/N=Remitted - HP has already called from corporate and received the Ticket number which has all the device information. The most current ticket is under my name

Company's Final Response

Company's Final Response - Posted 06/25/2009
Hewlett Packard's Case Manager Rodney spoke with Mr. Johnson on 6/2/09 to advise him a repair per the Limited Enhancement Program is the only option on a notebook that is over 300 days out of warranty. Mr. Johnson's last repair was November 2007. Mr. Johnson received a box on 6/3/09 per FedEx #(Omitted). Mr. Johnson advised the Case Manager that he wasn't going to send the notebook to the Repair Center. Mr. Johnson advised the Case Manager he wishes to persue this legally as he does not want to have Hewlett Packard fix the machine. There are no other options available except the repair per the Case Manager.

That's the end of the BBB Complaint. Basically HP has NO ALTERNATIVE TO FIXING A LEMON DEVICE OTHER THAN TO REPAIR IT 3 TIMES. They will also NEVER escalate your claim. NEVER NEVER NEVER according to their own words listed above. They also will not offer expedited fixes on a third repair. That's right folks be ready to wait 14 days!

Look for this same post 1000 more times and I'll post my new HP complaint site shortly.

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  • Wf
      Jan 23, 2010

    Basicly the same Issue with HP. My Graphic accerator on the Mother board failed just a couple a months out of warranty. It also was in repair less than 90 days prior for a left hinge replacment. HP did not offer any insight or offer to replace the mother board at that time. Now they want $ 475.00 in advance to sending a box and repairing the Laptop. I think they should repair it at their expence. Most of all my equipment is HP brand but, I may start replacing with non owned HP companies. My laptop is still sitting on a shelf, broken 3 Months later.

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  • Ma
      Feb 01, 2010

    Same thing here. dv9000 video card. LCD does not work. External monitor does.

    HP refused to do anything about it since my model dv9610us is not listed in their recall list.

    They expect me to believe its purely coincidence that mine is having the same issues.

    I escalated it imediately once I called a second time.

    The case manager said pretty much too bad and refused to let me speak to anyone above them.

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  • Su
      Dec 09, 2010

    I purchased an HP Pavillian dv9000 in Novemeber of 2006 and by December 2007 the screen was not working and the hinge was weird as it affected the screen. I could hold the screen in a certain position and the screen would work enough to see what I needed by making working difficult. WHen I contacted HP, they said I needed a new screen and it was no longer under warrantee. I sent the unit in when they sent me a box...I was told turn around was a couple days. A couple days go by and no word. Finally I get a message on my cell phone saying the unit is damaged beyond repair and will require another $700 to repair it. I played phone call with the person who kept leaving exactly the same message over and over again as if a robot from india. I finally spoke with the person and he repeated the phone message again. I said it is not damaged beyond repair. I have not dropped the computer ever. I said that he must show me pictures of how my computer was recieved by him. He would never send me pictures. I went over his head, they said they would never call and say damaged beyond repair but that I could fix it for another $700. I said to the manager that that was exactly what they said and I have all the stored messages on my phone to prove it. He said they would send it back to me unrepaired. I told him that I would go to the BBB first. I did and lodged my complaint. I had my computer back in a couple weeks. They wanted $200 to insure it for another 3 months! I said you can't even ensure it for longer than 3 months?? SUre enough, the screen wasn't working exactly 4 months later!! What a joke. Eventually the left hinge started to crack... I got an external monitor so I could still use the machine since the screen wasn't working... but then other problems started occuring. Being majorly disgusted and frustrated by such a lousy piece of work by HP I flung the thing onto the ground to ensure I didn't spend another minute or dollar on this piece of crap!! I would love to join a class action lawsuit as I feel this is not just me... My brother had the same machine and had the same timeline of problems. My sister had an HP laptop and again had numerous problems with it. My ex works for HP and won't buy their garbage!!! SOmething needs to be done for sure!!

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  • An
      Feb 11, 2011

    There was a class action lawsuit filed and some models of HP computers are eligible for a replacement Compaq Presario CQ56 computer at no charge to the owner. The deadline to file for a replacement is March 14, 2011. See for more information.

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  • Na
      Mar 11, 2011

    You have explained my issues with a 2008 HP DV9700 Lap top perfectly. I have had the motherboard replaced 2 times and when it crashed again for a third time just 3 days after the 3 year extended warranty was up (2.15.2011), I have thrown up my hands in frustration. I have had many repairs done on this lap top, since its purchase, and each time it ran for awhile and then crashed again. This lap top was never abused, dropped or mis handled but NOW it has crashed for the last time on my watch! My lap top series number is NOT being accepted by the HP NVIDIA class action, although the HP Pavilion DV9700 has all the same issues as the class action filed, and I have tried to get it accepted a number of times.

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